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TorgHacker: BOOM. #gencon
Score: 57.89 r/ts: 4
rjschwalb: Less than 1K and the Demon Lord goes to hell!
Score: 12.38 r/ts: 3
d20monkey: A new d20Monkey for Monday!
Score: 9.75 r/ts: 4
ChrisSSims: RT @Gen_Con: After dialogue with @GovPenceIN Gen Con has the following update to share
Score: 8.7 r/ts: 3
fredhicks: The effort to make Don’t Hack This Game is at an end, and it’s time to move on. Details here
Score: 7.94 r/ts: 5
RyanMacklin: Happy Monday! You know what your week's missing? The Katanas & Trenchcoats Immortal Record Sheet
Score: 7.84 r/ts: 3
newbiedm: Wonder if those defending the "religious freedom" laws would be so passionate about defending it for this issue?
Score: 7.43 r/ts: 4
SlyFlourish: "What did those players want that I wasn’t giving them?" #dnd
Score: 5.91 r/ts: 4
TheAngryGM: "The Day After Tomorrow" ... Not the Al Gore thing. It's when my website relaunches!
Score: 5.25 r/ts: 3
obsidianportal: Behind the Curtain: 2015 Update
Score: 5.15 r/ts: 3
DaveTheGame: How is the Artificer able to supply thousands of magic swords to the Duke in such a short time? Read on: #dnd
Score: 4.99 r/ts: 3
SlyFlourish: Public Service Announcement: Stay off the internet on Wednesday. It's a den of scum and villainy.
Score: 4.43 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: Last week @SwordCoast showed off some DM capabilities in Dungeon Crawl mode. If you missed it, here's the video! #dnd
Score: 2.5 r/ts: 12
paizo: "Many role-playing games have come and gone over the years...But "Pathfinder" is a fantasy RPG published by Paizo...
Score: 2.39 r/ts: 5
Wizards_DnD: In today's article at @diehardgamefan, @Gregtito talks about the new #dnd adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse!
Score: 1.04 r/ts: 5

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