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TheOtherTracy: Last week for DEAD SCARE. Under $1800 left to fund women and children fighting zombies in McCarthy's America. #rpg
Score: 30.66 r/ts: 7
d20monkey: Final call for GM Union shirts before the order is placed!
Score: 17.69 r/ts: 7
fredhicks: $150 until funded. Will you be the one?
Score: 16.06 r/ts: 10
BruceCordell: The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak friend and enter. I Narvi made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs.
Score: 11.67 r/ts: 6
MonteCookGames: We can’t promise the Numenera film will be long, but we can promise it won’t be like any previous game-related film!
Score: 9.4 r/ts: 3
rdonoghue: Huh. Nerds in search of a microphone, the Blue Snowball is one of Amazon's deals today.
Score: 8.64 r/ts: 3
skinnyghost: What're you doing in 10 minutes? Hanging out with me? Oh, that's so nice!
Score: 6.3 r/ts: 4
newbiedm: Somebody wrote a Microlite 5e. cc: @greywulf
Score: 5.67 r/ts: 3
skinnyghost: Help pick the mission the cast of @RealRollPlay #SwanSong will go on next -
Score: 4.73 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: Have you taken the latest #DnD survey? We'd love to get your opinion!
Score: 3.91 r/ts: 18
KoboldPress: Archaeologists discover the lost "City of the Monkey God" which "must never be found": #Southlands
Score: 3.77 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: The @GamersNexus crew call @SwordCoast Legends "the most promising title we've seen at #GDC thus far." Full article
Score: 1.52 r/ts: 7

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