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d20monkey: An early comic for you. Happy Labor Day everyone.
Score: 19.52 r/ts: 7
d20monkey: A new installment of the Dungeon Run is up today at d20monkey!
Score: 16.72 r/ts: 6
dungeonbastard: Game registration for GameHoleCon goes live TODAY. I'm running an ALL-STAR line-up of events!
Score: 12.05 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: If you missed the live stream Acquisitions Inc #dnd game from #PAX, you can catch the whole thing here
Score: 7.64 r/ts: 29
TheAngryDM: Action points for effectively spreading the word about #GamerGate
Score: 6.26 r/ts: 3
TheAngryDM: Also. The folks I write for, @MadAdventurers started a Patreon to help keep the lights on, remove ads, and so forth.
Score: 6.26 r/ts: 3
paizo: Paizo publisher Erik Mona's favorite Dragoncon cosplay!
Score: 2.79 r/ts: 5
Morrus: Full ENNIES Video Playlist!; 17 More Fan Created D7D 5E Resources; plus ICEWIND DALE ENHANCED! #rpg
Score: 1.73 r/ts: 5

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