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erinmevans: Team Dungeons & Dragons is 28% of the way to our #ExtraLife goal. Come on. It's for the kids!
Score: 56.27 r/ts: 7
dungeonbastard: If you like Dungeon World, check out the cyberpunk version: The Sprawl. $1500 from getting a Shadowrun-style setting.
Score: 53.18 r/ts: 18
TheOtherTracy: The PDF of #IronEdda: War of Metal and Bone is now available!!!
Score: 23.82 r/ts: 5
TheOtherTracy: If you want to support #Karthun, but don't like to use Kickstarter, we now offer PaylPal support for the campaign!
Score: 23.79 r/ts: 5
TheOtherTracy: A little over 1k to go until we announce a very cool stretch goal. Help spread the word? #Karthun
Score: 19.07 r/ts: 4
MonteCookGames: Know anybody who'd like to learn a bit more about #Numenera? We think our new video is a pretty slick introduction!
Score: 12.62 r/ts: 3
MonteJCook: #Numenera fans, interested in a fun and easy way to introduce the game to others, this is for you.
Score: 9.3 r/ts: 13
Wizards_DnD: The new #dnd Monster Manual is out today! Head to your game store & pick it up to start terrorizing your players!
Score: 9.2 r/ts: 36
dungeonbastard: I just backed Karthun: Lands of Conflict. I heard the world needs heroes. WHERE DO I LINE UP?
Score: 8.86 r/ts: 3
monkeyking: I just backed Worldspinner, cool software on @kickstarter. If you love worldbuilding & maps, check it out. #rpg
Score: 8.21 r/ts: 4
SarahDarkmagic: Fighting goblins who happen to be female is not violence against women. #dnd
Score: 7.77 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: The release of The Rise of Tiamat has been delayed until November 4th to ensure the quality we're shooting for. #dnd
Score: 6.64 r/ts: 26
RobinDLaws: Missed Saturday's Geekerati Radio ep on #fengshui2? Grab the archive here.
Score: 6.42 r/ts: 4
BruceCordell: Curious about #Numenera? Watch Jen Page @ShannaGermain @MonteJCook & @BruceCordell (me) in this How To Play video!
Score: 6.42 r/ts: 3
RobinDLaws: Burning Shaolin Redux unlocked! Next up: Feng Musketeers. #fengshui2
Score: 6.42 r/ts: 4
SlyFlourish: The #dnd Monster Manual is officially released and it's fantastic.
Score: 4.91 r/ts: 3
Morrus: RISE OF TIAMAT Delayed! #rpg
Score: 2.41 r/ts: 7
Morrus: Ten Gaming Blogs That Will Make Your 5e Games Better #rpg
Score: 1.72 r/ts: 5
Wizards_DnD: .@R_A_salvatore's new novel, Rise of the King, hit shelves today! Check out a sample chapter or go pick up your copy!
Score: 1.28 r/ts: 5

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