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DungeonScape: Today we have news that is both sobering and hopeful. Please read more here: #dungeonscapelives
Score: 79.08 r/ts: 29
TheOtherTracy: Iron Edda: Epic norse action with mechs made from the bones of dead giants. And it's powered by Fate. #rpg
Score: 60.86 r/ts: 13
TheMikeRobles: So @femfreq knocked it out of the park w/ @StephenAtHome. This conversation is awesome.
Score: 23.51 r/ts: 10
SlyFlourish: Holy cow. @DungeonScape and @Wizards_DnD sever ties. I don't know what this means for digital #dnd but it sounds bad.
Score: 22.48 r/ts: 14
TheIdDM: Whoa! RT: “@DungeonScape: Today we have news that is both sobering and hopeful. Please read here: #dungeonscapelives”
Score: 22.39 r/ts: 5
Pramas: It's on Amazon so I can talk about it. The book I wrote for Osprey is called Orc Warfare; it'll be published in June.
Score: 19.47 r/ts: 9
DnD_AdvLeague: Paperless DCI is here! Find out how our new Wizards Accounts make running events even easier.
Score: 18.9 r/ts: 4
ChrisPerkinsDnD: “@OoziHobo: @jeffstrain @ChrisPerkinsDnD Here you go! ” Thanks. Tyler. Lotta folks been asking for that link.
Score: 15.04 r/ts: 4
Pramas: This is 1974 footage of Rush playing at a secondary school. Look at those politely seated kids! It's adorable.
Score: 12.98 r/ts: 6
MonteCookGames: Don't forget: We're giving away free copies of @TheStrangeRPG corebook to libraries and schools for @NaNoWriMo!
Score: 11.83 r/ts: 3
dungeonbastard: Another suggestion: Check out the spookier Fiasco playsets: Camp Death, Salem 1692, Back to the Old House #RPGchat
Score: 11.67 r/ts: 4
BruceCordell: A murderous creature debuts day 4 of "20 Days of Strange Creatures"
Score: 8.32 r/ts: 4
newbiedm: WOTC announcement regarding Dungeonscape, Spoiler: It says nothing.
Score: 6.05 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: It's time to return to the frozen north. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is out today for PC, Mac & android! #dnd
Score: 5.45 r/ts: 22
Morrus: DungeonScape Closing Down! #rpg
Score: 3.08 r/ts: 9
paizo: It's the Great Golem, Charlie Brown! Great Golem Sale, that is. Sale ends Sunday!
Score: 1.6 r/ts: 3

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