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digitaldraco: Likely relevant to a lot of my followers! Up on @teefury today!
Score: 182.42 r/ts: 11
JamesIntrocaso: #RoundTable #podcast - new #dnd columns and mags w @vegaslancaster @DMSamuel @SarahDarkmagic @McTrebleDeluxe #rpg
Score: 101.27 r/ts: 4
HellcowKeith: What is @Phoenix_RPG? Here's the scoop on the game I'm developing with @Twogetherstudio!
Score: 31.18 r/ts: 13
13thAge: The long-rumored 13th Age novel is now official - back The Forgotten Monk by @GregStolze on Kickstarter
Score: 30.47 r/ts: 10
BruceCordell: Contest! Build a new world for @TheStrangeRPG judges: @Morrus @therobotviking @seankreynolds
Score: 23.94 r/ts: 12
TheOtherTracy: Monday reminder: if you want my games, they are here: And my novel is here
Score: 22.44 r/ts: 5
TheAngryDM: Angry's Rant: Is it okay to put overpowered encounters in your game? No. #dnd via (@MadAdventurers )
Score: 11.03 r/ts: 6
MonteCookGames: NaNewGaMo week 4: You’re almost a full-fledged GM. What equipment do you need? The short answer is: Not much…
Score: 10.01 r/ts: 3
RobinDLaws: Cryptozoology map shows sightings cluster in the eastern US
Score: 7.51 r/ts: 5
DaveTheGame: In case you missed it because I posted it late Friday, I wrote about my 2014 as a game designer, with ups and downs
Score: 6.8 r/ts: 4

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