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pixels_dice: Pixels know which way they roll and are completely customizable, letting you control how they light up based on your rolls. More info / sign-up at #dice #DnD
Mon, Jan 27  16072 retweets
Mon, Jan 27  3439 retweets
MemesDnd: RIP this chaotic good Druid ⚔️🎲 #dnd #gamenight #dndminiatures #dice #cosplay #follow #rogue
Tue, Jan 28  723 retweets
BrennanLM: The confusing parts of Lord of the Rings start to make a lot more sense when you realize it's actually just a transcribed #DnD campaign. THREAD:
Tue, Jan 28  685 retweets
SammyAshl3y: #dnd thoughts: Signs you might be a Warlock -4 hour naps are valid -You can't tell I'm wearing the same shirt I've worn for days under this jacket I've worn every day for months -Won't go anywhere unless a friend goes with them -Eats like a raccoon who lives behind a Dennys
Mon, Jan 27  552 retweets
Mon, Jan 27  487 retweets
deathbybadger: it's impossible to "win" at #dnd after all, there's theoretically an unlimited number of gay tieflings out there and it would be impossible to date them ALL wouldn't it
Mon, Jan 27  334 retweets
planarbindings: agrippa, everyone's favorite slightly unhinged sailing master in the only outfit that matters! #dndpc #dnd
Mon, Jan 27  314 retweets
Bouletcorp: Maître du jeu: "Tu es face à un énorme… Moi: "Je lance un D20" MdJ: "Attends j'ai même pas dit ce que…" Moi: "Je m'en fous je lance un D20" Mdj: "Non mais il y a plusieurs options et…" Moi: "JE LANCE UN D20 POUR CHOISIR L'OPTION, TAIS-TOI ET LAISSE-MOI LANCER PLEIN DE D20"
Tue, Jan 28  273 retweets
D8bitGaming: If you play #MTG and #DnD, drop your favorite Magic color and D&D class. Retweet for science if you're as curious as I am.
Mon, Jan 27  255 retweets
PaterVoss: Bard: -AND I'D DO IT AGAIN! Paladin: Woah! What's the problem!? Guard: Bard was hired to write a song and fireballed the Mayoral Manse- Paladin: *reproachfully* bard Guard: -after payment was offered Bard: 😡 FOR. EX-PO-SURE. Paladin: ...I'll get my Smite ready #DnD #TTRPG
Mon, Jan 27  226 retweets
CriticalBard: I want a campaign where the group are legitimately superheroes — or just on that level of fame. Like the Justice League. Level 20. ...but as the campaign goes, they begin to LOSE levels. Fast. Something is working to make them obsolete & they have to stop it. #dnd
Mon, Jan 27  222 retweets
_Yaniir_: Kressilacc Trench The mineral below could reshape the world. They'll twist it beyond recognition, and they're closing in fast. Run. #dnd #dice #handmadedice #diceporn
Mon, Jan 27  207 retweets
deathbybadger: signs you might be a Wizard - you said you'd come to bed soon but it's now 3am - it isn't a "mess", it's just organized a very particular way - you have a chair no-one else is allowed on - it's been 30 minutes since you started talking about X and you are NOT done #dnd
Tue, Jan 28  190 retweets
megturney: I don’t own a single dice set but um GIVE THESE TO ME NOW *throws money at screen*
Mon, Jan 27  187 retweets
LluisAbadias: Concept art for someone you will likely find in the #retroverse... Dracoshark do do do do do do Dracoshark do do do do do do Dracoshark do do do do do do Dracoshark. #dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg #rpg
Tue, Jan 28  187 retweets
flaminflamingoz: Come on DM's , what level are you?? 😬 #dnd #dungeonmaster #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Mon, Jan 27  179 retweets
Sivsi17: I’m very soft for them ;_; #CriticalRoleArt #jesterlavorre #beauregardlionett #beaujester #dnd #criticalrolefanart
Wed, Jan 29  172 retweets
KrystinaArielle: Shows don’t become big by chance. They become big due to support. Support our streams, don’t just say you do. People lie, numbers don’t. Show up in chat. Share the posts about our shows when you see them. Don’t just say you want diverse casts, support us. #dnd #trrpg
Tue, Jan 28  165 retweets
AntnHz: D&D with my grandfather was a total success! He "got it" immediately, took the game in a direction I never expected, and turned it into a buddy cop movie. Three hours of continuous laughter and shenanigans straight out of 1970s Franco-Belgian comics; you're never too old for #DnD
Mon, Jan 27  162 retweets
WhittersRichard: Squirrel warrior for @WotcPurvis #dnd #mtg #WotCStaff
Tue, Jan 28  156 retweets
DnDBeyond: A special alert from @lukemckay. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area. #dnd
Tue, Jan 28  154 retweets
RileyGryc: There's been a lot of tumult recently in the #TTRPG & #dnd spheres. Many are expressing sentiments such as "why can't everyone just be positive" or "this is such a pointless fight." Others are calling out people & behavior. I think it's time we talk about community life cycles.
Mon, Jan 27  146 retweets
DeathByMage: ✨Bamboo is strong, resilient, unbreakable. So is our resolve✨ Announcing the UNBREAKABLE series coming soon to @DriveThruRPG! Explore 10 original Asian-inspired adventures for #DnD5e written & illustrated by Asian #OwnVoices creators. #UnbreakableAnthology #DnD
Mon, Jan 27  142 retweets
dms_guild: A revised and updated Blood Hunter Class for #DnD 5e by @matthewmercer has just been added to the Fight Fire with Games - Community Creators #DMsGuild bundle! Redesigned from from the ground up and available now! Get it here:
Mon, Jan 27  130 retweets
Eckertainment: Made this as a Christmas gift for my friend @Alxzu_cos This is how we imagined they’d play DnD lol. Disclaimer: Characters belong to the beautiful and talented @Vivziepop !! #Hunicast #HazbinHotel #HazbinHotelFanart #DnD @Hunicast @ashnicholsart @kovox @MichelleMarieVO
Mon, Jan 27  127 retweets
ratkingnow: Don't subtly manipulate problem players into tolerable party members. Talk to them like an adult and if the problem persists kindly ask them to leave the group. It's a game and if it's not fun it's not worth it. #DnD
Mon, Jan 27  126 retweets
caemiel: 💥 #aesthetic #tarots #fashion #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #ocs
Tue, Jan 28  126 retweets
camille_leto: nay #dnd
Tue, Jan 28  124 retweets
dimension20show: It's the one year anniversary of the most important thread on twitter dot com
Tue, Jan 28  122 retweets

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thedungeoncast: The bard using a disguise kit mid-fight. #dnd #rpg
Mon, Jan 13  14848 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Note to self: Make a monk corgi NPC. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Fri, Jan 17  8425 retweets
MeekBarbarian: #dnd
Wed, Jan 15  4401 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Ring of the Serpent #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e #RingOfDaSnek
Wed, Jan 22  3980 retweets
snickelsox: z    z      z  <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄    ∧_∧    ( ・ω・) I forgot to add my   _| ⊃/(___ proficiency bonus / └-(____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ #DnD
Sun, Jan 19  1726 retweets
snickelsox: Hello, here is a sheet of Animated Armor that is full of bees. Please feel free to share this around and use it in your game. It is dumb, but I will not apologize. #DnD #Bees #5E
Thu, Jan 23  1445 retweets
Karaghiozis: #dnd 전사: 맹세컨대 내 동생의 죽음에 반드시 복수하겠어. 엘프: 거기에 내 활도 동참하지. 드워프: 내 도끼도. 강령술사: 그리고 네 동생도.
Wed, Jan 15  1354 retweets
sephiramy: Sometimes I see these "tag your #DnD class" memes go around but they never seem to have all the classes, so I have fixed this. Tag yourself, my friends:
Thu, Jan 16  1201 retweets
Wizards_DnD: Enter the world of @CriticalRole with an expansive, vivid #DnD setting guide by lead designer @matthewmercer! Coming 3/16, Explorer's Guide to #Wildemount lets you make the mysteries and dangers of Exandria your own. Learn more: #critters #criticalrole
Mon, Jan 13  995 retweets
PaterVoss: Lich: Fire-! Bard: -BOLT!? Lich: -BallwaitwhatNO! *Spell morphs into Firebolt* Wizard: damn...that's a good spell, what is it? Bard: I call it Otto's Irresistible Correction...but most folks call it 😎 Otto Correct. Wizard: 🤣🤣🤣 #DnD #PunBard
Thu, Jan 16  936 retweets
Jessketchin: Trying to get used to posting more personal stuff 😤 Anyway, here's one of Madhunishe's children, she's got her business set up in Ank'Harel! #art #dnd #dnd5e #Exandria
Wed, Jan 15  841 retweets
romanryder: I'm playing a female character. The DM had an NPC hit on me. I made it clear that my character was not interested on multiple occasions. I missed a session and was told my character slept with that NPC and will have to make a check to see if she is pregnant. I'm furious! #DnD
Thu, Jan 23  785 retweets
DiceWitchery: The swirl always turns out the nicest on the d10s. New pressure pot is working like a dream, and I'm back at making your dice! After the crazy holidays and being sick, it feels good to be back at it! #handmadedice #dnd
Mon, Jan 13  762 retweets
Superdillin: Veteran gamer who's been playing #ttrpgs for 15 years or so chiming in to say that I'd 100% rather play with someone who just found out about #dnd because of critical role 15 seconds ago, than one of the weaselly gate-keeping men who used to tell me dnd "wasn't for girls".
Mon, Jan 13  755 retweets
PaterVoss: DM culture is: - don't railroad - but railroad a little bit. - know the rules - but don't be weighed down by them - prep - but wing it - don't go hard on your players - but give them consequences Etc. #DnD (1/2)
Mon, Jan 20  754 retweets
antodemico: Here's the tracker, which means these are the 4 Cooking Classes that will be included in the Dragon Stew #DnD Cooking Supplemental! These go along with your standard classes, so you can make a barbarian baker, a rogue tracker, and any combination you can think of :) #DragonStew
Mon, Jan 20  750 retweets
SoulboundDice: Delicate white blooms encapsulated in a glassy blue resin. These are so elegant I feel like they belong at a tea party or something😂🍵✨ #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #handmadedice #diceporn
Fri, Jan 17  653 retweets
urwizards: Moon Collection with blue cat’s eyes stone dice🥰🌙 #dnd #dice #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Mon, Jan 20  630 retweets
Boo_Rad13y: #DnD Charchter Idea #734 : Dragonbold Bros Statwise, they count as single character and use the same sheet (Paladin in this case), but the Dragonborn is in charge of Combat/Melee, while the Kobold stays behind and casts their spells! And yes, they both share a SINGLE braincell
Thu, Jan 23  625 retweets
AdamDMsGuild: I don't care if you found #DnD by way of MtG, Stranger Things, Critical Role, Rick & Morty, novels at your local library, the first box set, or anything else. If it brings you joy, enlivens your imagination, or keeps your inner demons at bay, I'm just glad you're here. Welcome!
Mon, Jan 13  564 retweets
deathbybadger: my favourite things to say when DMing #dnd - could you just quickly read the rules of that spell aloud for me - ah, a courageous choice - I just need to check the manual no please go on - and remind me of your Perception score? - you have no reason to believe anything is amiss
Fri, Jan 17  552 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: DM: You find a large beast Player: OH MY GOD CAN I TAME IT AND USE IT AS A MOUNT!? DM: know what, go ahead and roll for it. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Mon, Jan 13  510 retweets
stonefly_ky: ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) women characters in full armor ┳┻|⊂ノ are hot. 🔥 ┻┳| #dnd #dnd5e
Fri, Jan 17  470 retweets
p_agurcia: Matt, a dungeon master and story teller from @CriticalRole . Wrapping up my #MightyNein collection w a @matthewmercer piece. No world is complete without its maker. Thanks Matt, for everything. . #dnd #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #dungeonmaster #fantasy #characterart
Wed, Jan 22  457 retweets
Dicey_Dungeons: Strong Lisa Frank vibes. Pinks, blues, purples, glitters, and gold flakes. To be inked in Rose Gold. Handmade by me. Made for a trade. #handmadedice #handmadebyme #polyhedraldice #ttrpg #tabletopgames #resin #nat20 #dnd5e #rpgdice #dnd #d20 #diceporn #dungeonsanddragons
Thu, Jan 16  431 retweets
snickelsox: Here are the Swarmforged! I still think this is silly, I still will never apologize. Play as a suit of armor filled with BEES! Feel free to use it in your own game and to share into oblivion. Some art by my brother, @LluisAbadias! #DnD #Bees #5E
Sat, Jan 25  427 retweets
NotASpaceLizard: Which multiclass are you? i'm a barbizard, which pretty much aligns with what i've accomplished here. #dnd #ttrpg
Thu, Jan 23  397 retweets
urwizards: Some holo design in the recent days🤩 #dnd #dice #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Mon, Jan 13  385 retweets
urwizards: 🌙🌟on gery grey cat’s eye stone dice #dnd #dice #dnd5e #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Fri, Jan 17  383 retweets
_Yaniir_: Twilight over Skyclave Deep in the Purple Wastes, an unending tower of artifice and sorcery emerges from a portal in the stratosphere. Oppressive, unyielding, undying. I'm so in love with how this set turned out after inking. #dnd #dice #handmadedice #diceporn
Thu, Jan 23  376 retweets