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pixelscapes: Mortality in 5e #DnD
Sun, Apr 22  316 retweets
emilyischeeky: Player: "so today are we going to do that encounter you've been hyping us up for?" Me (sitting behind a DM screen, wearing a DnD t-shirt, drinking from a "World's Best DM" mug: "do I look like I know what's going on in this game?" #DnD #dnd5e
Sun, Apr 22  211 retweets
johannamation: **CR EPISODE 15 SPOILERS AHEAD, LOOK OUT** And the Oskar goes to... Laura and Travis, for creating my favorite moment from this episode! #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #fjord #jester #illustration #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #fantasy #fantasyart #johannamation #spoilers
Mon, Apr 23  163 retweets
flyboy_elm: Somebody on tumblr requested I draw "big TEETH" #halforc #dnd
Sun, Apr 22  147 retweets
PetitePasserine: NATURAL 20! 💘 I'm so satisfied with how these stickers turned out! You can get them in my store 😳💕 #DnD
Mon, Apr 23  144 retweets
SoulBearProd: What you think your #DnD Party is vs. What your DnD party actually is:
Sun, Apr 22  135 retweets
margodraws: Recently started watching Critical Role! Also got the itch to do some fanart, so here are Molly and Toya from episode 4. #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanArt #photoshop #dnd
Sun, Apr 22  121 retweets
Grand_DM: That face when the DM asks, "Are you...sure?" Art: Roger Cruz #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Sun, Apr 22  114 retweets
Powerscorerpg: I am proud to announce that the official #dnd Dice, Camera, Action wiki is open! I poured everything into this thing. Now I ask the #wafflefam to make it 20 times better! @Wizards_DnD @AnnaProsser @HollyConrad @ProJared @NateWantsToBtl @ChrisPerkinsDnD
Mon, Apr 23  77 retweets
zacnaoum: DM tip: careful setting up your puzzles, PCs literally do the first thing that comes to mind Me: A pool of lava, at the centre is a crystal chest sitting on- Bard: I step onto the lava! Me: You what? Bard: It's a puzzle, right? Me: THAT IS NOT HOW A PUZZLE WORKS, MY DUDE #DnD
Mon, Apr 23  68 retweets
pixelscapes: #DnD sneak attack damage. It's kiiinda like this
Sun, Apr 22  66 retweets
Grand_DM: I really cannot love more that the San Diego Girl Scouts have a Tabletop Role-Playing Games Patch. More info here on the Dungeon Scouts: #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Sun, Apr 22  64 retweets
DropTheDie: Since you guys are crazy about this - here: #MagicItemMonday for everyone. Usually a Patreon exclusive, with my hope that your DMs and Players enjoy! (Art by Lauren Maurer) #dnd #dnd5e #critters #ViralTweetsAreWeird
Tue, Apr 24  59 retweets
DarkandDicey: Meet Trixa. The Lightfoot Halfling Barbarian played by Anna Brisbin (@BrizzyVoices) on @Wizards_DnD new show #DarkAndDicey. Premiering May 14th at 7 PM PST on #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons
Sun, Apr 22  56 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Evidently this goose is immune to the Frightened status. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Mon, Apr 23  55 retweets
mxanderc: Molly & The Wisps. ✨ #mollymauk #criticalrolefanart #criticalrole #dnd #tiefling #procreate #ipadproart
Sun, Apr 22  51 retweets
Grand_DM: Blended from tears that have matured inside barrels made from crumpled character sheets. It has a bold, distinctive flavor that says, "roll a death save." #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Sun, Apr 22  50 retweets
DysonLogos: It seemed like such a good idea - a nice dot-grid for outdoor areas on a #DnD map. Maybe a mix of dirt & gravel. Once you start you remember how much you hate drawing little f-ing dots while trying to make them both an obvious grid and yet not completely regular and boring.
Mon, Apr 23  48 retweets
AlmostHeroicDnD: A nice #FarCry5 version of a critical hit. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Sun, Apr 22  46 retweets
Irrel: Working on this fun #dnd shirt design idea that came to my mind :D
Mon, Apr 23  43 retweets
GalacticJonah: Another one of @AhoyhoyJet's awesome daily sets! #JetDice #dnd Partas Arwell, an eldritch knight known only as 'Splinter'. He carries a broken sword, a cape woven of whispers and does not speak a single word...
Mon, Apr 23  43 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: A trap set by the cruelest of DMs. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Sun, Apr 22  40 retweets
eric_grimoire: Hey #Critters ! Wanna help me to make it to the end of this month? I just open 5 special slots for #DnD Commissions! DM with any question~
Mon, Apr 23  39 retweets
ForrestAguirre: Today would have been Dave Trampier's birthday. Know whence you came from. #DnD #ttrpg
Sun, Apr 22  39 retweets
stevethegoblin: #kobolds #pcportraits I've been doing these as warm ups and cool downs. I always liked the PC portraits they use to put in dragon magazine and wanted to make some kobolds. Here is the first set of 6, 6 more to go! #dnd #rpg #dragons #littledragons #dungeonsanddragons
Sun, Apr 22  38 retweets
Grand_DM: #dnd tip: DMs, it's OK to just let the story happen! Last night a PC went through a strange portal at the end of the session. I had nothing prepared for it. I decided it led to a cave of gold with a great red, coiled tail. The PC rushed back through the portal! Art: Justin Gerard
Sun, Apr 22  37 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Not all teleportation spells go as planned... #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Sun, Apr 22  36 retweets
WhittersRichard: More random sketches #dnd #sketch
Mon, Apr 23  35 retweets
KoboldPress: Welcome to Midgard: Bearfolk #dnd, #dnd5e, #players
Mon, Apr 23  35 retweets
thedungeoncast: What it feels like explaining D&D to a new player. #dnd #rpg
Sun, Apr 22  35 retweets

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majestictrinket: I'm Carolyn. I make weird little dice and trinkets, inspired by my friends, family, and the characters they play. #DnD has become my creative outlet in a variety of ways. #artvsartist
Thu, Apr 12  3463 retweets
SoulBearProd: What you think your #DnD Party is vs. What your DnD party actually is:
Thu, Apr 19  2019 retweets
pixelscapes: What #DnD class are you in real life?
Fri, Apr 13  1380 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Level 20 ranger. Slingshot edition. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Sun, Apr 15  914 retweets
BeholderPie: Check out this SPECTACULAR “Baby-holder” costume that the amazing @mazzmatazz knitted for our daughter! Her first #dnd cosplay!
Sat, Apr 14  493 retweets
DDiceGaming: There is no truer illustration than this one. #DnD #rpg #dnd5e #dungeonmaster #ttrpg #tabletopgaming
Wed, Apr 18  473 retweets
Schuler_Cody92: This has been an absolute labor of love. I can now proudly reveal my #DnD and #Gaming table! Complete w/ built in dice trays, cupholders, outlets for chargers, and a tv to run battle maps! @matthewmercer @Marisha_Ray @WillingBlam @LauraBaileyVO @VoiceOfOBrien @samriegel @cfog07
Thu, Apr 19  376 retweets
JeremyECrawford: Some questions for a D&D character's backstory … • Why did you become an adventurer? • How are you linked to your party mates? • Do you belong to an organization? • What status do you desire? • Who or what was your darkest loss? • Who or what is your brightest love? #DnD
Tue, Apr 10  375 retweets
russ_charles: Just some of the awesomeness going into the #DnD #dungeonsanddoggies project... Amazing concepts from @April_Prime, minis getting sculpted by me, test prints for making models getting done, rules being written. ..get ready to put a pooch in your party, full info soon!
Sun, Apr 15  358 retweets
Grand_DM: Blended from tears that have matured inside barrels made from crumpled character sheets. It has a bold, distinctive flavor that says, "roll a death save." #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Fri, Apr 20  282 retweets
eric_grimoire: "Jester" Finally had time for drawing her ❤ Croissant realness~ #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #DnD #Critters
Sat, Apr 14  258 retweets
newbiedm: Not a drill: $20 Player's handbook offer from Amazon is back! #dnd
Mon, Apr 16  252 retweets
rpg_casts: Gosh, I know it's late but I wrote a thing... #RPGs #DiversityInRPGs #DnD @Wizards_DnD
Wed, Apr 11  251 retweets
snickelsox: Our #Retroverse #Kickstarter is live! We have an amazing #5E world we want to bring you, full of 80's nostalgia, synthwave, and neon! With your support, this new style and setting can become a reality! Join us in the #Retroverse! #dnd #rpg #ttrpg
Tue, Apr 10  237 retweets
OniPress: It’s true! We are teaming up with @IDWPublishing to create a #RickandMorty #DnD crossover! #C2E2panels #c2e2 #C2E2018
Sun, Apr 08  230 retweets
pixelscapes: #goals #DnD
Wed, Apr 18  228 retweets
Grand_DM: DMs, share one of your House Rules. Mine: Dark Inspiration. Display a pool of six-sided dice. At any time, a player may use one to increase an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw. The catch? The player also hands the DM one of the dice, who can use it as they see fit. #dnd
Mon, Apr 16  222 retweets
Questscribe: #DnD Idea: A sarcastic sphinx who has given up on riddles because adventurers never got the answers right. “Enter, if you can solve my riddle.” “Ready!” “What is...two plus two?” “...four?” “Amazing. Wow. So smart. Got it right away. Enter, or whatever, I guess." “...thank you?”
Sun, Apr 08  211 retweets
DropTheDie: Hey, when @heythistlewitch hits 200 Followers, I'm going to make her pick a recent follower to win a set of Acrylic Alchemy dice from @DnDiceUK. Why? Because she's the most radical person I know and my Chief Editor. Follow and Retweet to enter!! #HotDrow #dnd #dnd5e #critters
Mon, Apr 09  211 retweets
Hyperionpdx: Oh these dice? These are my roll with disadvantage DM dice. #dnd
Fri, Apr 13  190 retweets
Grand_DM: The #dnd player in me knows better then to sit on this bench.
Sat, Apr 14  188 retweets
coatl303: 海外で「Evil Raccoon」と呼ばれてる悪そうなツラして手組んでるアライグマ、D&Dミームだと大抵DM(GM)役なのマッチしすぎだと思った。 【DMは言った】 イ ニ シ ア チ ブ だ 。※超嬉しげ #TRPG #DnD
Fri, Apr 13  185 retweets
Grand_DM: #dnd tip: The IKEA catalog is your "Manual of Nordic Character Names." Items are listed by Scandinavian names instead of numbers. The name IKEA itself is an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad (founder), Elmtaryd (his family farm) and Agunnaryd (his village).
Tue, Apr 17  177 retweets
Wizards_DnD: Announcing the Podcasts of Foes! Starting on May 7th, we'll be releasing 23 one-shot adventures from the #DnD podcasting community using monsters, stories, and lore from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes! Learn more about all of the awesome groups involved:
Thu, Apr 19  167 retweets
Pettyartist: That #DMLife #DND
Mon, Apr 09  157 retweets
stevethegoblin: #kobolds #pcportraits I've been doing these as warm ups and cool downs. I always liked the PC portraits they use to put in dragon magazine and wanted to make some kobolds. Here is the first set of 6, 6 more to go! #dnd #rpg #dragons #littledragons #dungeonsanddragons
Fri, Apr 20  150 retweets
richmirams: #dnd yup. Pretty much. Also thanks for a friend for sharing. I take no credit.
Tue, Apr 10  150 retweets
d20plusmodifier: Battle Grannies. #dnd #illustration #justforfun #tabletoprpg #TableTopDay
Thu, Apr 19  149 retweets
Cat_Cosplay: "I cast Blep at 2nd level. They need to make a Charisma save or be effected by 'Aww...' ." ~Cat'leb Widogast #CriticalRole #DnD
Thu, Apr 19  148 retweets
WhittersRichard: A Ghoublin! (Ghoull-Goblin). A cool idea thought up by my friend Clark Graves. Rawrrr! #dnd #goblin #ghoul
Mon, Apr 09  147 retweets