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TheAngryDM: Hey people! My game group is raising money for extra-life. . If you donate, leave your Twitter handle!
Score: 17.06 r/ts: 8
HellcowKeith: My post-GenCon blog is up, with news about Gloom 2nd Edition, Munchkin Gloom, and my new company @Twogetherstudio!
Score: 15.67 r/ts: 6
Wizards_DnD: So yeah, remember that day the new #dnd PHB hit first in ALL BOOKS on Amazon? Oh, that was today?
Score: 13.81 r/ts: 51
TheMikeRobles: I am dead from cute. @palekayle, @TrinAndTonic, ANYONE WHO LIKES CUTE ANIMALS: RT @CuteAnimaIVines: Best vine ever..
Score: 9.69 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: Today is the official release date for the #dnd Player's Handbook! Pick your copy up now and make those characters!
Score: 8.4 r/ts: 31
HellcowKeith: My latest post deals with Munchkin #Gloom, (very limited) #Eberron news, and my new company @Twogetherstudio!
Score: 7.83 r/ts: 3
Trevor_WotC: Awesome writer and friend @erikscottdebie is doing a pretty sweet comic kickstarter. Go check out Justice/Vengeance!
Score: 7.72 r/ts: 4
Morrus: Repeat now I'm home. Did you see the marriage proposal at the @ENnies? Relive the moment here!
Score: 1.38 r/ts: 4

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