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13thAge: The new Organized Play adventure is here: Escape from the Diabolist’s Dungeon! Sign up to get it at
Score: 24.44 r/ts: 7
MonteCookGames: Thinking about Numenera but haven't taken the plunge? Do it now: The ENnies sale ends in a couple of hours!
Score: 21.6 r/ts: 5
TheAngryDM: I should point out that @npcchris said "f$&% you" to me at one point. I deserved it. Here's the spider story: #dnd
Score: 8.05 r/ts: 4
SlyFlourish: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Cultist Generator #dnd
Score: 6.61 r/ts: 4
paizo: Congratulations to the winners of this year's Gen Con Cosplay Contest! We can't wait to see the amazing costumes...
Score: 2.2 r/ts: 4

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