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direflail: Time to change your passwords again. Sigh.
Score: 39.28 r/ts: 7
schley: Just added #Neverwinter to my @Zenfolio #map downloads. Check it out here & get exploring!
Score: 35.42 r/ts: 3
DnD_AdvLeague: Promote the DMG with a Dungeon Masters Training Course @Wizards_WPN #dnd #dndal
Score: 31.63 r/ts: 7
MonteCookGames: Will YOU be the first backer of our new Kickstarter campaign?
Score: 30.37 r/ts: 8
BruceCordell: Want a #Numenera Strongbox or Reliquary?(Or just a nice box for your books, dice, and such?)
Score: 20.55 r/ts: 10
TheMikeRobles: Kan-Ra. He’s #notamummy, but he’s badass: see more at at 10am PST.
Score: 16.31 r/ts: 7
ethanfreak: Why Unpaid Internships Need To Go | Cognoscenti via @cogwbur
Score: 14.51 r/ts: 3
CN_Morningstar: The story continues this week on the #trapdoortech site. Check in with the adventurers as they take the next step
Score: 13.61 r/ts: 5
rdonoghue: A friend found this, summarizing why Kaidan never survives ME1 for me.
Score: 11.78 r/ts: 4
MonteCookGames: Wow. Are we halfway to funding only two hours after launching the #numenera #kickstarter? Maybe, if you pledge!
Score: 11.39 r/ts: 3
tabletitans: Harnoth is betrayed! It's the Latest Adventure of Table Titans!
Score: 8.31 r/ts: 3
BruceCordell: Yay, we funded! Thank you!
Score: 8.22 r/ts: 4
GreenRoninPub: The Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder RPG will be in stores next week! #Pathfinder
Score: 5.09 r/ts: 4
MonteJCook: Numenera is even cooler in a beautiful box full of amazing stuff.
Score: 3.49 r/ts: 5
paizo: Our friends at Hero Lab have just put a bunch of Pathfinder datasets on sale. Snap 'em up while you can!
Score: 3.16 r/ts: 6
MonteJCook: Well, looky what we done.
Score: 2.79 r/ts: 4
paizo: Please join us in welcoming new Paizo Editor, Joe Homes!
Score: 2.1 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: Uh oh. Better call Mr. Yuck. Today's Dungeon Master's Guide preview is all about poison! #DnD
Score: 1.94 r/ts: 8

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