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SlyFlourish: Hey @DnD_AdvLeague DMs. Don’t ever ever tell players about the awesome magic loot they didn’t get. It can really ruin the end of a game #dnd
Thu Jul 30 23:57:18 2015; 8 r/ts; 11 r/ts per 10k
is3rith: #Gencon resource: 150+ pre-generated #dnd5e characters for your pick-up games! #dnd #rpgchat
Wed Jul 29 12:07:50 2015; 8 r/ts; 321 r/ts per 10k
DreadGazeebo: Evening RT - new character background for #dnd for you guys, the undertaker!
Thu Jul 30 02:19:02 2015; 6 r/ts; 18 r/ts per 10k
GreyHawkReborn: We have arrived! #gencon2015 #greyhawk #Ghr #dnd #dnd5e
Wed Jul 29 22:45:57 2015; 5 r/ts; 84 r/ts per 10k
NathanBStewart: I'm not doing #gencon2015 so I'm loading @mikemearls & @JeremyECrawford up with swag for the show. @Wizards_DnD #dnd
Tue Jul 28 17:31:28 2015; 5 r/ts; 53 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Another peek at #DnD Icons of the Realms: Rage of Demons minis from @wizkidsgames!
Wed Jul 29 17:28:35 2015; 5 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
baldmangames: Tonight's epic will seat players at EIGHT. That way we can start the dice rolling at nine. Please RT. -W76 #GenCon #dnd #dnd5e
Thu Jul 30 23:37:42 2015; 5 r/ts; 56 r/ts per 10k
christulach: In case you were wondering... #dnd area still at capacity. ALL DAY. #gencon2015 @DnD_AdvLeague @baldmangames
Thu Jul 30 22:22:42 2015; 5 r/ts; 15 r/ts per 10k
davidnoonan: Talked to *so* many backers of #5e #DnD Primeval Thule today at #gencon. New stretch goals!
Thu Jul 30 21:57:18 2015; 5 r/ts; 161 r/ts per 10k
BaneBlackstar: I'm live now over on playing some #dnd We're about to accuse a noble of being EVIIILLLLL without all the facts, eep
Fri Jul 31 00:33:04 2015; 4 r/ts; 84 r/ts per 10k
GodsfallDC: 100,000 plays in less than half a year. Thanks for all the support! #podcast #DnD #DungeonsandDragons
Thu Jul 30 14:08:59 2015; 4 r/ts; 40 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Tonight: breaking into a psycho ex champions house while he is home. The goal take out his wife? 7.30cst #YOLO #DnD
Thu Jul 30 22:37:29 2015; 4 r/ts; 124 r/ts per 10k
ShanePlays: The hordes are upon us! RT @christulach: Good morning #gencon2015! #dnd area run by @baldmangames is packed!
Thu Jul 30 15:17:03 2015; 4 r/ts; 90 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: Want to stay engaged in your #dnd game? Write a summary of what happens!
Thu Jul 30 14:05:13 2015; 4 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
TheRedEpic: Headin' to GenCon soon! Sneak peek of The Lands of MYTH, done for MegaCon Games! #gencon2015 #games #RPG #Myth #dnd
Tue Jul 28 23:39:08 2015; 4 r/ts; 80 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: The Demon Lords are terrorizing the Underdark! Learn more about the Rage of Demons story: #dnd
Wed Jul 29 22:12:25 2015; 4 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
is3rith: #Gencon Resource: Over 15 short adventure scenarios for a quick #dnd5e game! #dnd #rpgchat
Wed Jul 29 12:10:28 2015; 4 r/ts; 160 r/ts per 10k

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Wizards_DnD: Gary Gygax would be 77 today. For his birthday he gets 11 Rods of Seven Parts! Those are some expensive candles! #dnd
Mon Jul 27 22:36:29 2015; 29 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
RPGadvocate: Happy Gygax Day! #dnd #rpg
Mon Jul 27 12:33:50 2015; 28 r/ts; 114 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: In the latest issue of Dragon+ we take a look at #dnd through the years!
Thu Jul 16 16:12:24 2015; 12 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: July 27th. Today would have been Gary's birthday. #HappyGaryGygaxDay #rpg #dnd #DungeonsandDragons #tabletop
Mon Jul 27 12:26:58 2015; 11 r/ts; 95 r/ts per 10k
JadeGamingNews: A slice of Vin Diesel's birthday cake anyone? #dnd #rpg #cake
Mon Jul 20 13:09:30 2015; 11 r/ts; 67 r/ts per 10k
JeremyECrawford: Three of my #DnD favorites are now PDFs: the 1E Players Handbook, DM Guide & Monster Manual.
Wed Jul 22 19:24:46 2015; 11 r/ts; 38 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: #dnd tip: Know the capabilities of the PCs, not just to thwart them but to give them the chance to show off.
Tue Jul 21 17:45:45 2015; 11 r/ts; 15 r/ts per 10k
TheAngryGM: Well, it's done. The only thing keeping me on-line is YOU now. Gods help me. #dnd #rpg
Mon Jul 20 12:09:52 2015; 11 r/ts; 17 r/ts per 10k
ethanfreak: Nerd! Vin Diesel celebrates birthday with a Dungeons & Dragons cake #DnD @Wizards_DnD via @EW
Mon Jul 20 18:28:24 2015; 11 r/ts; 48 r/ts per 10k
DungeonFacts: I wonder if most #DnD item shops have bargain bins of slightly defective products. #BargainBinLoot
Wed Jul 22 11:35:40 2015; 9 r/ts; 100 r/ts per 10k
TaniaWalker: GLORIOUS. RT @RPGadvocate: Ladies and gentlemen, Vin Diesel's birthday cake! #rpg #dnd
Mon Jul 20 05:49:08 2015; 9 r/ts; 62 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Going to @Gen_Con this year? Lots of #DnD madness & mayhem heading your way!
Wed Jul 15 17:41:22 2015; 9 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: New character options, lore and story ideas in the just announced Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide! #dnd
Wed Jul 22 22:08:53 2015; 9 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
DnD_AdvLeague: Sword Coast Adventurers Guide coming in November! #dnd #dndal
Wed Jul 22 20:52:40 2015; 8 r/ts; 25 r/ts per 10k
GeekGirlCon: Today was the birthday of American writer and game designer Gary Gygax, the father of #DnD.
Mon Jul 27 14:30:52 2015; 8 r/ts; 3 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: Bards really are an eclectic bunch! #dnd #rpg #dnd5e #bard
Wed Jul 15 16:09:05 2015; 8 r/ts; 72 r/ts per 10k
TheAngryGM: The GM Word of the Week is Plague... #rpg #dnd via @MadAdventurers
Fri Jul 17 14:30:24 2015; 8 r/ts; 13 r/ts per 10k
sketchshark: This guy... #DungeonsandDragons #dnd
Mon Jul 27 05:27:48 2015; 8 r/ts; 26 r/ts per 10k
DMs_Block: Happy Birthday Gary Gygax! Thanks for all you did for the rest of us geeks! #gygax #birthday #dnd #dungeonsanddragons
Tue Jul 28 00:53:00 2015; 7 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
DnD_AdvLeague: The first 4 Rage of Demons adventures premier at @GenCon. Will you be there to fight the madness in Hillsfar? #dnd
Thu Jul 16 16:43:28 2015; 7 r/ts; 22 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: Unsuck My Vampire #dnd
Mon Jul 20 13:26:44 2015; 7 r/ts; 9 r/ts per 10k
VincentBKirk: @michelemorrow @Malik4Play You two have GOT to see the 3D map our DM built for us at Meltdown! #DnD #Pathfinder
Sun Jul 19 23:48:57 2015; 7 r/ts; 538 r/ts per 10k
gregbilsland: Hey #dnd fans—one of our livestream players, @MO_Kaboom, is going through some hardship, so we're hosting a special stream on Monday for her
Sun Jul 19 00:14:38 2015; 7 r/ts; 12 r/ts per 10k
gregbilsland: Another reminder! We're streaming #DnD tonight on with a crazy party of kobolds, pixies, kenku, and animated weapons.
Mon Jul 20 15:19:16 2015; 7 r/ts; 12 r/ts per 10k
tomlommel: 30 minutes to Friday night #DnD with @SavingThrowShow! Barky's Brigade rides again!
Sat Jul 25 03:01:06 2015; 7 r/ts; 59 r/ts per 10k
Alphastream: If you are playing the #DnD All-Access at @Gen_Con , forum where you can group up:
Tue Jul 28 00:22:11 2015; 6 r/ts; 37 r/ts per 10k
CBCAlerts: Commander of Princess Patricia's 1st battalion faces 10 sex-related charges under Criminal Code. Alleged offences occurred in #Alberta. #dnd
Tue Jul 28 16:26:16 2015; 6 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
DDOUnlimited: Celebrating Gary Gygax Day! All honor to the great role-player who would have been 77 today. #DDO #Gygax #DnD
Mon Jul 27 16:12:46 2015; 6 r/ts; 6 r/ts per 10k
DMs_Block: Happy Birthday to @DMs_Block! It was 1 year ago today that we released Episode 01! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #podcast
Thu Jul 23 20:46:25 2015; 6 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
DnD_AdvLeague: The Quickstart Guide and Rage of Demons Character Sheet are now available. #dnd #dndal
Fri Jul 24 17:58:03 2015; 6 r/ts; 18 r/ts per 10k
JadeGamingNews: And the character of the day is... Full of rage, but doesn't care to show it. #dnd #RPG #dice #characteroftheday
Tue Jul 21 13:01:22 2015; 6 r/ts; 36 r/ts per 10k
NerdApproved: Vin Diesel Got An Awesome #DnD Birthday Cake
Tue Jul 21 14:11:10 2015; 6 r/ts; 3 r/ts per 10k
RPGadvocate: Ladies and gentlemen, Vin Diesel's birthday cake! #rpg #dnd
Sun Jul 19 23:18:23 2015; 6 r/ts; 24 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: Last night our heroes faced the vampires of the Waterdeep Night Masks. #dnd
Thu Jul 16 10:41:11 2015; 6 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: Once again the Reaper Kickstarter is packed with fantastic miniatures for a good price. I recommend it! #dnd
Thu Jul 16 18:48:36 2015; 6 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Today at 12 PM PDT the @SwordCoast team will be streaming live campaign creation! #dnd
Thu Jul 16 17:56:00 2015; 6 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: What did you think of the #DnD mystic character class & psionics rules for fifth edition? Take the survey & tell us!
Tue Jul 28 16:25:55 2015; 6 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
dungeonbastard: #DnD is weird you guys.
Sun Jul 19 00:56:17 2015; 6 r/ts; 14 r/ts per 10k
gorebad: New article up on the blog. Discussing when to say yes to.your.players. Check it out at #goresdmtips #dnd
Wed Jul 15 17:01:49 2015; 6 r/ts; 151 r/ts per 10k
supergeekmike: Tomorrow's #FridayNightQuests is pretty solid, wall-to-wall role-playing, you're all in for a treat. #dnd #podcast @partialarc @itsmarshallw
Fri Jul 17 02:18:01 2015; 6 r/ts; 162 r/ts per 10k
table_topping: Dont forget our Deadlands Reloaded campaign picks up tonight at 8pm EST @PEG_Games #rpg #dnd
Fri Jul 24 19:44:42 2015; 6 r/ts; 100 r/ts per 10k
wocassity: I remember my first #roleplay experience like it was yesterday. #dnd #blogpost #growingup
Fri Jul 17 17:10:36 2015; 6 r/ts; 25 r/ts per 10k
Beekveld: Voor zoon ben ik op zoek nr jongeren (ca 15-19 jr) die spel Dungeons&Dragons spelen in omg Rosmalen/Den Bosch. #dtv #dnd #dungeonsanddragons
Wed Jul 15 13:01:20 2015; 5 r/ts; 347 r/ts per 10k
GodsfallDC: #DnD #FF: @Rolecasters @MFGCast @SwordnutRadio @SneakPodcast @DorroKnott @BattleBards @Xion_Praeten @TheDrinkinDwarf
Fri Jul 17 18:52:35 2015; 5 r/ts; 55 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: You have arrived at your destination adventurer. Light a torch, drink some coffee and prepare to face Monday. #dnd
Mon Jul 20 12:40:55 2015; 5 r/ts; 44 r/ts per 10k
GreyHawkReborn: Please RT!!! Just in time for #GenCon our latest Campaign Guide is out! Get it here #ghr #dnd #dnd5e #greyhawk
Fri Jul 24 21:41:59 2015; 5 r/ts; 85 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Tonight: Piper is down and a demon runs rampant. Can Aria and Veslar save the day and piper too?? 7.30cst #DnD
Mon Jul 20 19:23:38 2015; 5 r/ts; 159 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Happy Birthday to the late, great Gary Gygax: ) July 27th 1938 to March 4th 2008 Thank you for being the father of Role Playing Games #DnD
Mon Jul 27 12:37:10 2015; 5 r/ts; 157 r/ts per 10k
JadeGamingNews: And the character of the day is... A whirlwind of death on the battlefield #dnd #RPG #dice #characteroftheday
Wed Jul 15 13:25:11 2015; 5 r/ts; 30 r/ts per 10k
NathanBStewart: I'm not doing #gencon2015 so I'm loading @mikemearls & @JeremyECrawford up with swag for the show. @Wizards_DnD #dnd
Tue Jul 28 17:31:28 2015; 5 r/ts; 54 r/ts per 10k