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HellcowKeith: Phoenix: Dawn Command is $200 away from our first stretch goal!
Score: 24.78 r/ts: 11
ethanfreak: You can help support @ArsenicNYC ' s production of Arsenic and Old Lace this summer. How? Right here
Score: 13.6 r/ts: 3
MonteCookGames: Did you miss this week's Cypher Chronicles?
Score: 8.48 r/ts: 3
HellcowKeith: Artists @greyallison and @EllisComics are doing a live Q&A tomorrow about their work on Phoenix Dawn Command!
Score: 6.76 r/ts: 3
ChrisPerkinsDnD: Most old adventures can be run as is. Just use 5E Monster Manual stats, as well as ability checks and saving throws.
Score: 5.83 r/ts: 4
SlyFlourish: Had a great time playing Village of Hommlet with young kids using Dungeons of Fate. Lots of props and puzzles.
Score: 5.81 r/ts: 4
paizo: Are you a gamer in the UK? Then you don't want to miss out on UK Games Expo this May!
Score: 2.33 r/ts: 5

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