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Secondlina: A Song of Wet and Dry Food. #DnD
Wed, May 22  1585 retweets
Max_Dunbar: At the airport waiting to go home from #DnDlive2019. Had to sketch one of my favorite moments from the weekend. Matt Mercer as Boo was absolutely incredible. #dnd
Tue, May 21  342 retweets
matthewmercer: YESSSSSSSS
Tue, May 21  326 retweets
zacnaoum: Villain: "Surrender, join forces with me. Think what we could accomplish together!" Paladin: "Despicable scum, we would never-" Rogue: "Do you have paid vacation days?" Villain: "Yup." Rogue: "I'm in." #DnD
Tue, May 21  324 retweets
M_Incantation: NUMBERS NOT PAINTED (WIP) These magical purple centered dice with bright gold leaf flakes and iridescent shifting glitters are so perfectly glamorous. Who would you play for this set? || #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #dice #handmadedice #dnd
Wed, May 22  281 retweets
_GMLeigh: And here we go! Lets create a community MEGA DUNGEON! All I am looking for is you to create a single room for the dungeon. We will need a name, description, and some info about your room. Please fill that out here: #dnd #rpg #tabletop #mageproductions
Wed, May 22  236 retweets
CriticalBard: 𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐈 𝐆𝐄𝐓 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐓 π…π„π„π‹πˆππ†... next up in the #soundsofscanlan series? one of our all time favorites, clarota healing! it’s been a long time coming but it’s here! thank you to @samriegel for constant inspiration! #dnd #criticalrole #criticalbard #critters
Tue, May 21  169 retweets
emengel_art: Here's the whole useless gang together lol. So fun to draw these!! . #dnd #dnd5e #mtg #kenku #illustration #art #characterdesign
Tue, May 21  148 retweets
SlyFlourish: It’s easy to forget, given that it has a focus for new D&D players, that we’re all getting a new level 1 to 6 adventure written by Chris Perkins this summer! I’m really excited for the D&D Essentials Kit. #dnd
Tue, May 21  135 retweets
ChasmQuest: When ur familiar helps out and gives u advantage ❀️ #dnd #ttrpg
Wed, May 22  134 retweets
Krissieking528: #DnD teaches to be better storytellers through empathy, play and real connection to others. @GoldieChan for #Forbes
Tue, May 21  125 retweets
LluisAbadias: -grab a shoe box and some thicc wayercolor papper -cut the paper in Dino layers and glue all in the box -put an Orange wallpaper in your pc as a background and take a picture -some digital edditing and POOF! LASER CARNOTAUR JUNGLE RUMBLE! #DATart #dnd #retroverse
Wed, May 22  124 retweets
emengel_art: Aaaand then this was pretty much the reality. He just want shinies and trinkets, please no hurt. :v . #dnd #dnd5e #mtg #art #characterdesign
Tue, May 21  113 retweets
DoodleForFood: #dnd Cleric
Wed, May 22  111 retweets
Grand_DM: 10-year old me would not believe this. The ad campaign is driving me crazy. I so wish it was a Netflix series. #CavernaDoDragao #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Wed, May 22  102 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Reasons Why I Hate D&D: 1) 4 hours is too long to commit to this. 2) The chairs are uncomfortable. 3) Everyone here would rather be somewhere else. 4) The emissions test line takes forever. Shit. I'm thinking of the DMV. I hate the DMV. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Tue, May 21  98 retweets
Farore_DnD: You don’t need flashy miniatures, terrain, digital maps, or custom-built rooms to have a great game. My first character was a Tiefling warlock represented by a double-A battery on a piece of paper. I had just as much fun then as I do now, let your mind bring it to life! #DnD
Wed, May 22  95 retweets
Wizards_DnD: Happy #GhostsOfSaltmarsh Day, everyone! These #DnD adventures on the high seas are out in the wild today. Don't forget to head to your FLGS to snag the exclusive alt cover. Starting a Saltmarsh campaign with your party? Tell us about your PC!
Tue, May 21  92 retweets
M_Incantation: NUMBERS NOT PAINTED (WIP) Everyone's favorite returns! Sunset Tide was a classic on the shop and it's really hard to get tired of making them. Thinking maybe a different ink color this time though... ;) #ttrpg #dice #handmadedice #dungeonsanddragons #dnd
Tue, May 21  92 retweets
SammyAshl3y: #dnd thoughts: Signs you might be a Barbarian: -Yells at traffic and at objects they bump into on accident -"Hey man I had a bad day" "Cool, who do I need to hurt" -Big feelings in general. Feels nothing half way. -Always hungry. It's 2am? Time to get food with friends
Tue, May 21  90 retweets
CriticalBard: π’π‡πˆππ„ ππ‘πˆπ†π‡π“, π‚πˆπ‘π‚π”π’ πŒπ€π β€” next in the series is one of our favorites. another of @executivegoth’s creations, mollymauk tealeaf inspired us all to be unapologetically ourselves. heres to him. πŸ’œ #criticalrole #dnd #criticalrolecosplay #criticalbard
Tue, May 21  88 retweets
flashfletch: "It was just business." Photo by David Baxter. @matthewmercer glad you got to see the crazy build! It was so good catching up with you this weekend! #dnd #D4DnD #DnDLive2019 #Arkhan #ArkhantheCruel
Tue, May 21  83 retweets
oakthorne: Be Gay. Do Crimezzzz.
Tue, May 21  79 retweets
MatthewWForeman: FOLKS! Here is version 1.0 of the Gay Crime Lord Patron, a warlock subclass for #dnd5e | If you play it, tag me with your stories! #dnd Ty to those who helped design this fabulous class! Tagging you lovelies <3 Google Doc link:
Tue, May 21  69 retweets
JeremyECrawford: Take to the high seas! "Ghosts of Saltmarsh," a treasury of D&D adventures, is now available everywhere: #DnD
Wed, May 22  68 retweets
AvantrisLegends: Pay up, Your Grace. #dnd #ttrpg #rpg #dungeonsanddragons #tabletop
Tue, May 21  67 retweets
Amaretta_: Here are the first sketches I made of my character, Kalianah, for my DnD campaign with @elif7pfeiffer @chantal_horeis and @ElbenherzArt :D I haven't had the time to work more on these but I'll get to it soon! πŸ–€ She's a Celestial Warlock! #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #dnd
Tue, May 21  64 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Failed Acrobatics and Performance checks. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Wed, May 22  64 retweets
KrystinaArielle: The video is now available for our incredible #Descent adventure dm'd by @Marisha_Ray with players @DeborahAnnWoll @MatthewLillard @satinephoenix @PatrickRothfuss @katewelchhhh and me! Click this link to join us in hell #dnd #DnDLive2019
Tue, May 21  62 retweets
Farore_DnD: Dungeons & Dragons, the players: Expectation: Heroes, conquerors of evil, wielders of fantastic magic and powerful weapons.. Reality: β€œI cast prestidigitation to make fart sounds.” #DnD
Tue, May 21  59 retweets

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TheGodDamnDM: Man, The Amazing World of Gumball really nailed that feeling. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Tue, May 07  9443 retweets
seanofthehunt: Dungeon Master expectation: You will help your friends become fantasy heroes. DM reality: You have accidentally become a teacher for a group of sociopathic children who neither listen nor respect you. It’s your job to get them through the school year without them dying. #DnD
Wed, May 08  4219 retweets
DMPaulG: The world of #DnD needs to see this! Made by Mon Macutay of @AbubotPH! It's genius!
Tue, May 07  3015 retweets
JosephBrassey: These suits by Sebastien Cruz are like Legendary Gear sets for some urban fantasy #dnd5e campaign. #dnd
Wed, May 08  2910 retweets
lauriellemaven: Β‘Vamos a construir una dungeon entre todos! La bΓ‘rbara goliath estΓ‘ haciendo un descanso corto junto a la hoguera...#DnD
Tue, May 07  2040 retweets
forrestimel: Finally getting around to working on these again! Here is the first summoner all wrapped up. #characterdesign #dnd #conceptart
Fri, May 17  985 retweets
emengel_art: Aaaand then this was pretty much the reality. He just want shinies and trinkets, please no hurt. :v . #dnd #dnd5e #mtg #art #characterdesign
Sun, May 19  863 retweets
zacnaoum: Paladin: "Okay this should be a simple job, we get in, grab the supplies, and get out. Everyone remember the one rule?" Rogue, Warlock, Barbarian together: "No murder." Paladin: "... It's 'stick together'. This is a hospital. 'No murder' was implied." #DnD
Thu, May 09  804 retweets
POCGamer: #DnD Take: Monks should be rebranded to "Martial Artist" to remove the Orientalism aspects, and the ascetic aspects should be shunted to a subclass to reflect the dedication involved in that lifepath. Make them a dedicated melee combatant, high HP, low AC, high damage.
Mon, May 13  784 retweets
thedndbags: Playing out a dramatic scene with the stupid #DnD character you made as a joke
Wed, May 15  727 retweets
ChrisPerkinsDnD: Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernusβ€”a cautionary tale about the hazards of global warming. Covers illustrated by Tyler Jacobson and Hydro74. #wotcstaff #dnd
Sat, May 18  660 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: A true battle of the Bards! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Wed, May 08  557 retweets
sarakipin: some sketches of my boy #dnd
Wed, May 08  544 retweets
gennpitre: Unfortunately the campaign I was going to DM this summer fell through, but back in April I made some broach designs for character classes that character were supposed to wear in a school environment. They were fun to design!✨ #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dnd5e
Wed, May 15  543 retweets
NorCalMythos: #dnd #ttrpg norcalmythos I see nothing wrong with this😎
Tue, May 07  536 retweets
Secretcatshop: For everyone who wanted to see our dice tower roll. Blessed by Silvanus himself 😊 #dnd #criticalrole #rpg
Thu, May 16  519 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: DM: As you enter the grasslands you see a majestic giraffe. Players: Awwwwww. DM: Roll initiative. Players: Wait what? #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Tue, May 07  446 retweets
PartyChickencos: Hey! Awhile back I made a D20 purse for a friend. I was thinking about taking some commissions of them when I get home, but wanted to get a feel. Would anyone be interested? #dnd #dndaccessory #dicebag #d20 #dungeonsanddragons
Thu, May 16  429 retweets
jamesjhaeck: Whoa. #dnd
Wed, May 08  371 retweets
xaichai: Type "My warlock patron is" and @ the third person that comes up 😈 #DnD
Mon, May 13  368 retweets
VoxFinato: #PlayerTips: Don't interrupt in a scene you're not part of. 🀐 Ask yourself "is my character here?" Listen as the players finish their scene. If you have an idea you don't want to forget, write it down. Be respectful of each other, folks. πŸ’– #DnD #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Tue, May 07  367 retweets
JimZub: RICK and MORTY VS DUNGEONS & DRAGONS II: Painscape (D&D comes to Earth along with Rick Sanchez's old D&D characters) DUNGEONS & DRAGONS VS RICK and MORTY Tabletop Roleplaying Game Adventure (Rick is your DM and your game will never be the same) #DnD #dndlive2019
Sat, May 18  340 retweets
dicey_elf: Working on my first custom! They asked for black with gold leaf. Super excited to sand and ink these! #dnd #dnddice #dice #handmadedice
Sun, May 19  315 retweets
DoodleForFood: He protec #dnd Paladin
Fri, May 10  299 retweets
M_Incantation: NUMBERS NOT PAINTED (WIP) Baby's breath, moss and gold flake. How else could you go wrong?? I've been loving using these preserved flowers. Fun fact, these came from the table settings at my ceremony. Had so many leftover! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #dice #handmadedice
Thu, May 16  284 retweets
IoanaMuresanArt: "Purrring of a cat "Quick late night doodle #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #dnd #dnd5e
Tue, May 07  279 retweets
RaccoonKween: #dnd words to live by
Tue, May 07  275 retweets
emengel_art: Here's the whole useless gang together lol. So fun to draw these!! . #dnd #dnd5e #mtg #kenku #illustration #art #characterdesign
Sun, May 19  269 retweets
nilyak_blake: Best suicide awareness card I’ve ever seen #dnd @Wizards_DnD
Fri, May 10  268 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: 1 piercing damage. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Thu, May 09  266 retweets