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SlyFlourish: I don’t care if you play three #dnd games a week or prefer to watch it streamed on Twitch. As far as I am concerned, if you like D&D, your part of my community.
Wed, Mar 14  381 retweets
Sydniac: fun fact: there’s no initiation process to join the #dnd community. no one is going to haze you. if you like the game in any capacity, whether it’s watching/writing/playing/ etc, welcome to the community. We’re glad you’re here ❤️
Thu, Mar 15  300 retweets
birdhism: Cody is best Cleric. He can heal anyone's heart with the power of dem cheeks. @matthewmercer @Marisha_Ray <3 #Critter #DnD #magicalbirdcody
Thu, Mar 15  265 retweets
alpharalpha_jj: ・2017年はD&Dの歴史上最良のセールスを記録した ・その牽引役になったのは実プレイのストリーミング配信で、およそ900万人がTwitchのD&Dプレイを視聴した ・過去12ヶ月間で860万人のアメリカ人がD&Dをプレイした #TRPG
Wed, Mar 14  150 retweets
mikemearls: Agreed! It's a big tent, open to all who want to keep it open to all.
Wed, Mar 14  103 retweets
Wizards_DnD: We'll take "Things We Thought We'd Never See on Jeopardy" for $1,000, Alex. Kudos to the puzzle-writers who casually drop #DnD knowledge for Alex Trebek to read aloud. May you always roll 20s.
Thu, Mar 15  98 retweets
Dungeonleft: I'm pretty stoked about how my magic portal turned out. (to be used in a certain final battle of a certain recently published #dnd adventure)
Wed, Mar 14  86 retweets
matthewmercer: This is the best.
Thu, Mar 15  69 retweets
EncounterRP: This is incorrect. Anyone who enjoys #DnD, in any format, is part of our community. I have no time for gatekeeping bullshit.
Thu, Mar 15  64 retweets
nekohaus: 「DMはキャラクタの敵できない。私たち全員は同じ側に立っている。私たちはゲームをプレイすることで展開するひとつの物語を分かち合っている。私たちがゲームの進行に全責任を負う必要はない。特に最初のうち、私たちは円滑な進行のためにプレイヤを頼りにできる。」はいいですぅ。 #DnD #DnDj #TRPG
Thu, Mar 15  60 retweets
SlyFlourish: Interesting info on #dnd popularity from Mark Price at the GAMA trade show. thanks @Morrus!
Wed, Mar 14  59 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: I made something that people can download on #DMsguild. It's my first try at content creation, and I'd love for you peeps to check it out. (It's Pay What You Want, which basically means free if you want. Just type 0) #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e
Wed, Mar 14  57 retweets
mercyfuldm: Behold!!! #BeholdHer (my monthly podcast about women in tabletop) is aliiiIiiIIiIive!! Episode 1 of this #ttrpg #podcast is all about three different amazing female/enby artists who share one passion: making #dnd more accessible and inclusive.
Wed, Mar 14  56 retweets
Grand_DM: In my campaign this is another way wizards can regain spell slots (especially on Monday mornings). #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Wed, Mar 14  54 retweets
cbsa82: #dnd #dmtip CONSUME MEDIA. Read books, play video games, watch tv/movies. Take the ideas and concepts from these, twist and modify them, shove em together in weird ways, and use them to fuel your imagination and your games.
Wed, Mar 14  48 retweets
WisePapaGrant: I am running Dungeons & Dragons this Saturday night and I am in need of three players who want to play online. If you haven't played with me before that's okay, I love this game. If you've never played the game before this is a great time to try it out. #dnd
Thu, Mar 15  47 retweets
Grand_DM: I really wish this was a thing. #dnd #rpg #tabletop #SaturdayMorningCartoons
Wed, Mar 14  47 retweets
GeekandSundry: New #RPG Players: The Basics on Using Descriptive & Active Roleplay in Combat #DnD #StarterKit
Wed, Mar 14  45 retweets
Ettin64: What's up folks. My pal Ben is still looking for paid sensitivity readers for some RPG material he's been working on:
Wed, Mar 14  45 retweets
Morrus: Some discussion has been occurring around these stats from WotC's presentation at GAMA (info courtesy of @swshinn). 9M #dnd Twitch viewers seems totally realistic to me.
Wed, Mar 14  45 retweets
Ben_Scerri: Yo! Still looking for some sensitivity readers for 1 page (each) for some #DnD monsters I'm working on. Paid work! Looking for folks of Philippine, Greek, Scottish Gaelic, Maori and Japanese heritages!
Wed, Mar 14  42 retweets
nekohaus: Mordenkainen's Tome of Foesの追加特徴として、エルフはトランス毎に性別を変更できるようになるらしいですぅ。 #DnD #DnDj #TRPG
Thu, Mar 15  41 retweets
u1ro_ishikawa: DAC2018は9月15日(土)・16日(日)ですよ! 三連休の初日・2日目なんで、遠方からも来やすいぜ! 現状、 ・5月上旬にDM募集開始 ・6月下旬にPL募集開始 ・8月上旬に宿泊受付開始 てなタイムラインが示されてます。 DM/GM諸氏は備えよう。俺もGM参加するぜ! #DAC東京 #DnD #TRPG
Thu, Mar 15  39 retweets
cawoodpublish: #dnd #Kickstarter #MonstersofFeyland Our newest 5E Kickstarter is LIVE! Monsters of Feyland! A full-color, hardcover book filled with 100 monsters! All illustrated by @Travsthebean Trailer video:
Wed, Mar 14  39 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: Fishy Intimidation check. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #dnd5e #geek
Thu, Mar 15  38 retweets
EncounterRP: My own #DnD Languages in Accents: Abyssal - Liverpudlian Celestial - French Common - English/Cockney Draconic - German Dwarvish - Scottish (duh) Elvish - Irish Giant - Welsh Halfling - Southern Orc - Russian Sylvan - Spanish (Others are improvised, but these I try & stick to!)
Thu, Mar 15  36 retweets
nekohaus: 続く「必要なとき、私たちはプレイヤに必要なルールを調べるよう頼める。私たちは自分たちの手から離し、プレイヤにイニシアチブを管理するよう頼める。同様に、彼らが酒場へ入ってどんな面白い光景を見るか訊ねることで、私たちはプレイヤに創作することも渡せる。」もいいですぅ。 #DnD #DnDj #TRPG
Thu, Mar 15  36 retweets
HalfarsedHermit: Spread the word! You can now play DnD in Edinburgh's 18th century most haunted Vaults AND help immortalise a woman who's more than earned her spot in history! #DnD #dnd5e #DungeonsandDragons #CriticalRole #StatueforElsie #internationalwomensday2018
Wed, Mar 14  35 retweets
TalksMachina: Check out this great DnD event in Edinburgh!
Wed, Mar 14  35 retweets
nekohaus: 今日のBeyondコラムは初めてのゲームを成功させるコツですぅ。 #DnD #DnDj #TRPG
Thu, Mar 15  35 retweets

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omgtabby: Hi, everyone! I'm really excited to announce that your favorite Cute #DungeonsAndDragons sticker series is coming soon as an acrylic charm! Take your class wherever you go and show your #dnd rep!
Tue, Mar 06  901 retweets
Grand_DM: Tabaxi Monks begin their training very young. #dnd #rpg #tabletop #CatsOfTwitter
Thu, Mar 01  650 retweets
itsbluerio: Stress in a picture #DnD
Sun, Mar 04  467 retweets
omgtabby: It's here!! The Cute #DungeonsAndDragons Character Sheet is available as a PDF! Get it on Gumroad now and get ready to make all your #dnd friends jealous with your impeccable taste
Wed, Mar 07  401 retweets
cbsa82: To all you hard working Podcasters, Voice Actors, Streamers, Youtubers, Writers, Artists I have this to say: Keep it up. I know we all get worn down, tired, demotivated, but your fans love you. They want to see you succeed. I want to see you succeed. So keep it up. #dnd #ttrpg
Mon, Mar 05  246 retweets
Prisond: Tuesday night doodle, the 2 tieflings of #CriticalRole, #mollymauk and #jester. #criticalrolefanart #themightynein #dnd #tiefling
Tue, Mar 06  245 retweets
Hyperionpdx: With this week’s session already taped I wanted to share a build from last year when I finally figured out my fog machine. #dnd #dwarvenforge #PathfinderRpg
Tue, Mar 06  241 retweets
TrillSammyy: 6’3 😷😷😷 #DND
Fri, Mar 09  223 retweets
Grand_DM: When they roll anything but a 20, you eat them! #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Sat, Mar 10  215 retweets
BeamdogInc: JUST ANNOUNCED! Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is coming to #Steam March 27! #DnD #NeverwinterNights #Launch
Fri, Mar 09  213 retweets
oakhillrpgclub: Raising a horn to the memory of #DnD Co-Creator Gary Gygax, who passed away 10 years ago today, March 4, 2008. #GMsDay
Sun, Mar 04  212 retweets
ChrisPerkinsDnD: Hello, @RoyalMail? Please don’t let this beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculpture be lost or destroyed. Thank you.
Mon, Mar 12  205 retweets
jamesjhaeck: #dnd
Wed, Feb 28  196 retweets
pixelscapes: When captured and taken to a dragon... #DnD
Sat, Mar 03  188 retweets
JeremyECrawford: The highlight of my day? Running D&D for my niece and other students in her school’s D&D club! #DnD
Sat, Mar 03  182 retweets
theopteryx: here's mollymauk from #criticalrole! #dnd
Fri, Mar 02  181 retweets
coatl303: 確かにワタクシ、D&Dにも『クトゥルフの呼び声』にも思い入れあるので、神話生物が他のシステムにコンバートされたとき強いと嬉しい。 認めマス。認めマスが。 誰がそこまでやれといった。 《黄衣の王》はともかく古のものそこらのドラゴンより強いじゃねえか。 #TRPG #DnD
Sun, Mar 11  167 retweets
Jillofmidgard: “The Ruby of the Sea & Jester” I play concubine/bards in D&D sometimes so I was really inspired to draw Jester’s mother. #therubyofthesea #jester #criticalrolefanart #criticalrole #themightynine #illustration #art #fanart #copic #copicmarkers #dnd #dandd #tiefling
Mon, Mar 05  163 retweets
GeekandSundry: WATCH: #CriticalRole - The Gates of Zadash (Campaign 2, Episode 8) #DnD #Sponsored
Mon, Mar 05  157 retweets
Raven_elf: So after US lost this and sent bk to UK then @RoyalMail lost it at Heathrow. I complained n got a letter with cheque saying they would also do a search. (I wanted the unique piece back not money) Now they find it and will DESTROY IT not return as 'case closed' Im so upset 😢#DnD
Mon, Mar 12  150 retweets
thedungeoncast: The difference between Wisdom and Intelligence. #dnd #rpg
Sat, Mar 03  141 retweets
JeremyECrawford: Four years after its release, the Player's Handbook is the number 3 best-selling book on today! Thank you, amazing D&D community, for all your playing and DMing and for powering this game with your friendships and creativity. #DnD
Thu, Mar 08  139 retweets
Grand_DM: "Bring me Schrödinger's head!" #dnd #rpg #tabletop #paradox
Wed, Mar 07  139 retweets
KatVHarris: It's been a little over a year since I got my first glimpse into #DnD so I thought I'd write about it. Who knew that watching a couple of nerdy voice actors rolling dice and playing D&D could change my life forever. Thanks @CriticalRole & many others =)
Sat, Mar 10  136 retweets
ChrisPerkinsDnD: He just replaced all occurrences of “cat” with “dog.” Evodogion is a school of magic now. #dnd
Sun, Mar 11  129 retweets
russ_charles: Hey #criticalrolefanart community! Some of you may know my work as a miniature sculptor... I'm looking to trade my sculpting skills for some character art 😁 if you want a unique mini sculpt and do character commissions, let me know #DnD #criticalrole
Mon, Mar 12  128 retweets
JeremyECrawford: It’s easy as a DM to fall into the trap of thinking you have to create every NPC yourself, name every location, etc. If your players have a great idea for something to add to your adventure/campaign/setting, don’t hesitate to make it happen. Share the creative load. #DnD
Sun, Mar 11  127 retweets
20sidedknight: I am loving our new DM screen #DnD #RPG #Starfinder
Fri, Mar 02  122 retweets
Sydniac: I hate when people try to tell me I can’t have something in my #DnD games because it’s not “historically accurate.” YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE ISN’T HISTORICALLY ACCURATE????? FLYING AROUND ON DRAGONS. IT’S NOT REAL. IT’S JUST FUN.
Thu, Mar 01  122 retweets
Askren: Hi, my name is Askren. I do graphics and illustration, but right now I've got a few commission spots coming up for #Twitch overlays for #DnD & #RPG stuff! Want one? DMs are open! Even if you don't, RTs super appreciated!
Sun, Mar 04  119 retweets