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TouchOfTiefling: My dads first DnD group back in the 80s reached max level and had all of their own castles. I am currently his DM and am going to run a dungeon crawl through his old castle since I found his old map. Going to see how long it takes him to notice! Very excited 😃 #dnd #dnd5e #ad&d
Wed, May 23  1653 retweets
TheZoneCast: Merle and Magnus with people who ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY D&D?!?! You won't want to miss this!
Wed, May 23  440 retweets
Wizards_DnD: Hey @TheZoneCast & @MBMBaM fans, @travismcelroy and @DocCurm are playing #DnD live at the Stream of Many Eyes! They join two different live games on Sunday June 3, playing as their characters from Adventure Zone, Merle and Magnus! Buy tickets at #SoMEDND
Wed, May 23  258 retweets
GeekandSundry: “As a Dungeon Master, one of the greatest gifts a player can give you is freedom in their backstory... Only write what your character is aware of.” - @matthewmercer #DnD #TalksMachina #CriticalRole
Wed, May 23  156 retweets
GeekandSundry: This Girls Middle School #DnD Club Is a Font of Inspiration @ethanschoonover @LWGMS @Wizards_DnD
Wed, May 23  155 retweets
Grand_DM: #dnd tip: the way your group plays is fine! Don't think because you see or read about a different style that you're doing anything wrong. The gold standard is fun. The game belongs to you!
Wed, May 23  133 retweets
thedungeoncast: Types of Armor. #dnd #rpg #armor
Wed, May 23  122 retweets
DungeonFacts: #DnD Fact: Cure Light Wounds and the related chain of spells do heal your injuries, but depending on the deity granting the spell, the methodology might be a bit unorthodox.
Wed, May 23  120 retweets
Max_Dunbar: A Tabaxi and a Dwarf for the little sketchbook #dnd
Wed, May 23  116 retweets
DropTheDie: On the fence about @Wizards_DnD new book Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes? Let's take a look together before you buy! I wished to have this review out the day it launched - hopefully next time I'll snag an early review copy! #dnd #dnd5e #critters #DungeonDad
Wed, May 23  110 retweets
sweatyandupsety: Just an update on Marcos showing off some spells #dnd
Wed, May 23  109 retweets
EncounterRP: You know what your #DnD party members are going to do before they do. Tag a friend to call them out.
Wed, May 23  102 retweets
Farore_DnD: Coworker: “My husband’s friend plays this game where he pretends to be goblins or weird stuff like that. A grown ass man, that’s so creepy.” Me: “Well, in my free time I pretend to be an ancient dragon or the vampire overlord of Barovia.” *shrugs* #DnD #creepynerd
Wed, May 23  101 retweets
RutyWoot: THIS! This is exactly what we’ve been saying for years! Suffers of #PTSD #trauma or even baseline #anxiety, #dnd & #rpgs are one of the best outlets and social interactions you can possibly have. #EndTheStigma #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Thu, May 24  98 retweets
satinephoenix: This! @ethanschoonover thank you for sharing this wonderful hobby with your students! #dnd IS for everyone. I wish I had a teacher like you in high school. More people would have played! Thank you @GeekandSundry for sharing this story! #inclusive #humanist
Thu, May 24  93 retweets
austin_walker: This is fantastic
Wed, May 23  91 retweets
Grand_DM: Encumbrance rules are boring anyway. #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Wed, May 23  87 retweets
KrakenDice: Seen our new Stretch Goals? Banshee, Vampire, Kraken, and a glitter gold d20. Oh My! #kickstarter: #diceporn #Cephalosquad #krakeniconic #krakenmythic #polyhedraldice #d20 #dice #dnd #dnddice #dungeonsanddragons #Pathfinder #rpg #dungeonmaster
Thu, May 24  76 retweets
EncounterRP: Calling myself out here. I am severely guilty of both of these things in any #DnD campaign. Are you? -Taylor
Thu, May 24  73 retweets
KrakenDice: Ethereal Yeti has been revealed! #diceporn #kickstarter: #Cephalosquad #krakeniconic #krakenmythic #krakenkickstarter #polyhedraldice #d20 #dice #dnd #dnddice #dungeonsanddragons #Pathfinder #rpg #dungeonmaster
Wed, May 23  70 retweets
zacnaoum: The universal rule of DMing: If you plan a session your players will never leave the starting room. If you wing it your players will suddenly remember they are heroes and run headlong at anything resembling a story-hook #dnd
Thu, May 24  69 retweets
PaterVoss: DM: so your character's ultimate goal is to own a castle? PC: yes! Because, you see, I 😎 play for keeps. #DnD #DnDadjokes #PunBard
Thu, May 24  68 retweets
EncounterRP: The #DnD Sweats begin.
Thu, May 24  65 retweets
thedungeoncast: Common Sword Types #dnd #rpg #swords
Wed, May 23  65 retweets
Ascension_Matt: Dungeons & Dragons rule to live by: encourage each other! Not everyone is comfortable speaking up, especially in a new group. Celebrate each other's successes and share knowledge. #dnd
Thu, May 24  61 retweets
DropTheDie: #DMTip - I actually told my players that there is an XP value to discovering new locations. Guys, the game has fucking changed. In one session they had 4 encounters & explored the entire town of Voonlar. I suggest LVL x 10 xp per place. It helps dissuade stagnation #dnd #dnd5e
Wed, May 23  57 retweets
Grand_DM: That feeling when you score a critical hit. Art: Aaron Williams #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Wed, May 23  54 retweets
russ_charles: Tobias the Corgi warlock has arrived to aid the #DnD #dungeonsanddoggies party! With the new Pact of the Hunt, Tobias is a fearsome ally in the fight! More great @April_Prime design! Next up- Huskies and defending the innocent- lovely! June launch imminent! #dungeonsanddragons 🐾
Wed, May 23  52 retweets
ItaliaNHelle: Today is the day! Let's see how far we can go! Can we hit $100K with both #fundraisers?! We're at $84K😲Get your shirts for #PRIDE & support @Lambert_House! 10 hours to go! Sales close at midnight EST! #mtg #dnd #lgbtq #lgbtqgamers
Wed, May 23  51 retweets
KrakenDice: Ethereal Succubus has been unlocked! LIVING SPELL is on the way! #diceporn #kickstarter: #Cephalosquad #krakeniconic #krakenmythic #krakenkickstarter #polyhedraldice #d20 #dice #dnd #dnddice #dungeonsanddragons #Pathfinder #rpg #dungeonmaster
Wed, May 23  49 retweets

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LadyAhiru: #DnD in a Nutshell
Wed, May 16  5587 retweets
JeremyECrawford: Reminder: D&D's rules, and any official rulings, exist as tools for DMs to use in service to their groups, with the goal of crafting the most fun for each group. Is your D&D group having a great time? That means you're having a good game of D&D, however you use the rules. #DnD
Thu, May 17  817 retweets
Grand_DM: "The glass is half full" - the optimist "The glass is half empty" - the pessimist "I drink it and see what happens" - the #dnd player
Wed, May 16  793 retweets
Questscribe: More like: Wizard: I cast Detect Magic. DM: You sense nothing. Paladin: I use Divine Sense. DM: You sense no otherworldly presenc- Cleric: Detect Poison. DM: Look guys, it's just a glass of water! ... Rogue: Can I roll Insight to discern why there is a glass of water on a table?
Wed, May 16  658 retweets
DeanMSimmons: By age 35 you should have a proficiency bonus of at least 5 and have destroyed at least one fiend or evil dragon of CR 18 or higher, according to retirement experts. #DND
Wed, May 16  627 retweets
thedungeoncast: Common Sword Types #dnd #rpg #swords
Mon, May 21  555 retweets
TheGodDamnDM: My players trying to navigate simple tasks. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Wed, May 09  539 retweets
Marisha_Ray: “You chose a fistfight against a monk” is the new “You brought a knife to a gunfight”. #CriticalRole #DnD
Fri, May 18  499 retweets
nekohaus: TRPG者ならマスト読むべしレベルで即興、アドリブについてを徹底して言語化して定型的な方法論にまとめた名コラム『新たなダンジョン・マスターに捧ぐD&Dでの即興(Improvisation in D&D for New Dungeon Masters)』を訳したですぅ。 #DnD #DnDj #TRPG
Mon, May 14  464 retweets
KrakenDice: Here's a sneak peek of our vapor line. Soon to be revealed as stretch goals. kickstarter:  #krakeniconic #krakenmythic #krakenkickstarter #polyhedraldice #d20 #dice #dnd #dnddice #dungeonsanddragons #Pathfinder #rpg #dungeonmaster
Wed, May 09  408 retweets
ShimmerwindIsle: So the Dragon arrives today, and here we go. Win this super awesome dragon, painted by me how ever you would like. Just follow, like, and rt. Will also throw is some dice 😆 Because we all need more dice! Winner will be picked when I hit 3k followers #3kDragon #dnd #rpg
Mon, May 21  361 retweets
DnDiceUK: Fresh delivery in and have got 3 new chromatic bone dragons right here awaiting a natural 20! Giving a set of your choice away before they go on sale :D (ETA about a week, got loooads to unpackage first!) Retweet and follow us to get entered! #diceporn #dnd #rpg #nicedicebaby
Thu, May 17  356 retweets
EncounterRP: You know what your #DnD party members are going to do before they do. Tag a friend to call them out.
Mon, May 21  322 retweets
Wizards_DnD: We are super excited to welcome @satinephoenix to the #DnD team to help with social engagement on a whole bunch of platforms, in addition to all of the DMing & conventions she's already doing. You will see posts from her going forward! Woo!
Wed, May 09  301 retweets
sweatyandupsety: Just an update on Marcos showing off some spells #dnd
Mon, May 21  297 retweets
Grand_DM: #dnd tip: the way your group plays is fine! Don't think because you see or read about a different style that you're doing anything wrong. The gold standard is fun. The game belongs to you!
Tue, May 22  290 retweets
Emmetation: An Ogre and His Cake is an introductory adventure for brand new heroes. It's designed to help introduce young players to the wonderful world of #DnD and has tips and advice for the DM on running a game for young kids. Coming soon to the #DMsGuild! #ttrpg
Wed, May 16  289 retweets
TheMarySue: How Women Are Driving the Dungeons & Dragons Renaissance #DnD
Thu, May 10  286 retweets
mikemearls: The prices are great, but one in five couches is a mimic.
Mon, May 21  274 retweets
MikeTheGM: #happylittledungeon #dnd
Fri, May 11  259 retweets
CastleMacDnD: Hey @JeremyECrawford and @mikemearls we're loving the new UA, but you guys left a major point unaddressed. How do Player Character centaurs wear pants? #DnD #JustCentaurThings
Tue, May 15  254 retweets
thedungeoncast: Rules as written... #dnd #rpg
Tue, May 15  244 retweets
JeremyECrawford: Two playable options from Greek myth clip-clop into Unearthed Arcana today: centaurs and minotaurs. Give them a read and let us know what you think in the survey later this month: #DnD
Mon, May 14  243 retweets
genereddick: Quick holographic render of @schley 's map of Menzoberranzan ( The forced perspective required more interpretation than the top down Barovia map I did last year. #dnd @Wizards_DnD
Mon, May 14  233 retweets
amaryllis_rad: Being a DM means flirting with two of your friends in two different accents on the same night . #DnD
Sun, May 13  225 retweets
Grand_DM: When you have the gym at 7 and a dungeon at 9. #dnd #rpg #tabletop
Mon, May 21  224 retweets
DungeonFacts: #DnD When the cleric used to be a barbarian:
Wed, May 09  223 retweets
Wizards_DnD: A statement from D&D on Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes alternate covers. #DnD #MToF
Fri, May 18  207 retweets
Wizards_DnD: 5 Days left! Buy a shirt to help support LGBTQ youth in the community! Net proceeds will go to Lambert House! Check it out: #DnD #LGBTQ #Inclusivity #RPG #Lamberthouse #Support #Charity
Fri, May 18  203 retweets
sweatyandupsety: “How have you become so lost my son..” #dnd
Thu, May 17  202 retweets