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raenohey: Hey @Critters_CC @CrittersRPG can I get a Retweet? Trying to find a female to balance out a #dnd game we are setting up.
Tue Aug 23 20:22:01 2016; 17 r/ts; 982 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: We're LIVE playing I Love the Corps right now! Time to go full Alien on this! #RPG #DnD
Wed Aug 24 23:03:27 2016; 14 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
KitarVulphrim: Bad Decisions: Creating Quest Opportunities since the Apple. #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #DnDMeme
Tue Aug 23 01:45:04 2016; 11 r/ts; 588 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: .@mikemearls This has been my simplified #dnd encounter building guide. I can keep it in my head!
Wed Aug 24 01:53:07 2016; 10 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
gmAndiJ: Because we all need a giggle on Mondays #tabletoprpg #dnd
Mon Aug 22 15:14:06 2016; 10 r/ts; 238 r/ts per 10k
mockman: "...but then, the players decided not to go to that town or dungeon altogether" #dnd
Wed Aug 24 01:09:03 2016; 9 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: #DnD + #Diablo = Everdeep in today's oneshot with guest-star @TheeBeardedNoob! We're live on
Wed Aug 24 13:53:53 2016; 8 r/ts; 16 r/ts per 10k
WinghornPress: Being a mugger in #DnD must be nerve-wracking. "Is that guy with the lute a rich kid in a band, or can he make my brain melt from my eyes?"
Wed Aug 24 14:10:16 2016; 8 r/ts; 178 r/ts per 10k
DnD_AdvLeague: Curse of Strahd #DMQuest updates. For clarity and to bring them inline with SKT quests (Out soon) #dnd
Tue Aug 23 14:14:34 2016; 7 r/ts; 6 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: We're LIVE playing Emerald Citadel right now! How many people can I eat today?! #DnD #RPG
Tue Aug 23 17:05:13 2016; 7 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
SavingThrowShow: Tonight it's #BarkysBrigade! Be there or be square! #RPG #Twitch #Dnd5e #Dnd
Wed Aug 24 16:01:49 2016; 7 r/ts; 45 r/ts per 10k
SavingThrowShow: When you're the bard and the final roll is up to you. #rpg #DnD #bardtime
Wed Aug 24 22:00:22 2016; 7 r/ts; 45 r/ts per 10k
mstephenjoy: The Door #dnd #dnd5e #DungeonsandDragons #fantasy
Wed Aug 24 16:37:32 2016; 7 r/ts; 13 r/ts per 10k
KatoKatonian: And hey, did you know that in #dnd 5e, you can fail a skill check but still succeed? It's an optional rule in the DMG, "Success At A Cost"
Tue Aug 23 19:25:11 2016; 6 r/ts; 50 r/ts per 10k
KatoKatonian: Another 5e #dnd rule you may not know: players can give away their Inspiration to another player to reward them, much the way DM does.
Tue Aug 23 19:20:49 2016; 6 r/ts; 50 r/ts per 10k
ProfessorOlaf: Not my creation, but I couldn't pass up sharing a pun. #dnd #DungeonsAndDragons #rpg
Wed Aug 24 05:26:04 2016; 6 r/ts; 120 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Ever want to see #dnd played on the big screen? Now's your chance, live from #PAXWest!
Wed Aug 24 20:15:01 2016; 6 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: We're LIVE playing Lost Mine of Phandelver! Learnto Play #DnD! @roll20app @Wizards_DnD
Tue Aug 23 19:49:57 2016; 5 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
JoeSondow: "It breathes a cone of cold on you. You take 2 damage." "Woah, 2 whole damage." "It's like a crisp autumn day. Jacket weather." #DnD
Thu Aug 25 01:27:56 2016; 5 r/ts; 14 r/ts per 10k
QuestGamingDnD: QGDnD Ep10: Blackest Night is out! Join our heroes(?) in Primeval Thule. #DnD #Podcast #RPG
Tue Aug 23 14:34:11 2016; 5 r/ts; 406 r/ts per 10k
SavingThrowShow: Need a proper meal for your D&D game? -via @GeekyHostess #rpg #DnD #scrumptious
Wed Aug 24 19:00:39 2016; 5 r/ts; 32 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: #dnd tip: Call for actions around the table, even outside of combat, and switch directions to ensure everyone gets the spotlight sometime.
Tue Aug 23 16:40:35 2016; 5 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: A fun night of #dnd Curse of Strahd at Tsolenka Pass.
Thu Aug 25 01:41:19 2016; 5 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
charm__person: To all my fellow #DnD nerds - please check out this tweet if you're SERIOUS and interested. :)
Tue Aug 23 20:06:23 2016; 5 r/ts; 27 r/ts per 10k
unMadeGaming: We're LIVE for Shadow of the Day Season 1 Episode 7 - Rebound #Twitch #DnD #RPGChat
Tue Aug 23 22:55:04 2016; 5 r/ts; 243 r/ts per 10k
9_ar7k: Character sheets like it's 1984 #gamedev #DND
Wed Aug 24 05:06:40 2016; 4 r/ts; 31 r/ts per 10k
DmLeviathan: I don't know of any older gamers that don't ALREADY plunder these works for all they're worth... #dnd #rpg
Tue Aug 23 15:07:27 2016; 4 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
DmLeviathan: Want something New and Dark for your #dnd #rpg? Try out the Book of Beautiful Horrors! #DungeonsAndDragons
Tue Aug 23 22:37:55 2016; 4 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: I will be gaming yet again tonight with @seanhannity! Sean is a great DM who truly loves D&D & my character! #DnD
Mon Aug 22 23:31:07 2016; 4 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: We're Giving Away a #DnD Player's Handbook down below! Thanks for all the new Followers! ♥
Tue Jul 26 20:11:26 2016; 4 r/ts; 6 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: What is your preferred #dnd play session length? #rpg #tabletop
Wed Aug 24 12:05:29 2016; 4 r/ts; 17 r/ts per 10k
Henl3y: You've polished your chrome & loaded your uzi. Its time for Nightcity! #cyberpunk #dnd
Tue Aug 23 00:04:20 2016; 4 r/ts; 13 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Join us at 6cst for Dialogues & Dice. Fun talk DnD and gaming talk show and tonight we have viewers QUIZ NIGHT!! :) #DnD #hrrCommunity #gp
Tue Aug 23 22:09:50 2016; 4 r/ts; 36 r/ts per 10k
KatoKatonian: Speaking of rules you might have not noticed were in 5e #dnd: did you know there's an Encounter Distance Table? It's only on the DM screen!
Tue Aug 23 19:09:19 2016; 4 r/ts; 33 r/ts per 10k
MerricB: Because I needed to remind myself that I could write something: #dnd #dmsguild
Wed Aug 24 03:48:01 2016; 4 r/ts; 38 r/ts per 10k
MerricB: On the Art of Improvisation #dnd
Wed Aug 24 07:08:41 2016; 4 r/ts; 37 r/ts per 10k
QuestGamingDnD: Looking for something to listen to? Check out the latest ep of our Primeval Thule game, QGDnD! #DnD #RPG #Podcast
Tue Aug 23 21:19:47 2016; 4 r/ts; 325 r/ts per 10k
Skerrit7h3green: Just had a great time talking OP, gaming, #dnd & @DnD_AdvLeague w/ @shawnmerwin & @MisdirectedMark. Look for it soon
Tue Aug 23 03:11:52 2016; 4 r/ts; 208 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: Sly Flourish's Vampires. Free #dnd vampires designed by myself and developed by @ChrisSSims!
Wed Aug 24 16:20:37 2016; 4 r/ts; 4 r/ts per 10k
VorpalPen: Living in AZ, sometimes we adjust our #DnD monsters. We call it a Cactent. Anyone have a better name?
Tue Aug 23 04:32:41 2016; 4 r/ts; 57 r/ts per 10k
ejbenson: Divvy the Loot Episode 1 - The Inn at Farcrest is up! Hope you guys like it! #dnd.
Tue Aug 23 05:48:42 2016; 4 r/ts; 98 r/ts per 10k
mstephenjoy: I think it was a year ago I posted Bogwater #dnd #RPG #DungeonsAndDragons #fantasy #sketchbook
Tue Aug 23 02:20:26 2016; 4 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
Askren: RT & Share with your friends, and you could win an awesome #DnD game! Follow the link! #Critters #TeamHooman #twitch
Tue Aug 23 17:41:39 2016; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
Askren: In ONE HOUR I'm live w/ @deadgentlemen + @ZombieOrpheus! Come talk #TheGamers with us! #DnD
Tue Aug 23 23:07:15 2016; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
Askren: How I look every fight, when one of my players crits on a 15+. #DnD
Wed Aug 24 04:56:24 2016; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
Askren: I'm back! In black! Silas Black, that is! Join us as we try and survive the Vampire African Cthulu Cult! #DnD #RPG
Wed Aug 24 20:15:47 2016; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
ChaoticAnarachy: These amazing #Twitter people bought a #diceporn t-shirt! Will you? Last day! 9 more shirts to reach the goal! #dnd
Wed Aug 24 18:01:55 2016; 3 r/ts; 15 r/ts per 10k
ChrisPerkinsDnD: My new avatar!
Tue Aug 23 17:50:04 2016; 3 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
CodyBushee: Seriously, this show I'm in, @XPWebSeries keeps getting better and better by the week. Only 4 episodes left!
Wed Aug 24 23:13:14 2016; 3 r/ts; 128 r/ts per 10k
DMDicetress: What will Liv do next? To find out Join us tonight 8:30pm est #DnD 5e adventure @HowReroll
Mon Aug 22 23:43:00 2016; 3 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k

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gmAndiJ: Because we all need a giggle on Mondays #tabletoprpg #dnd
Mon Aug 22 15:14:06 2016; 55 r/ts; 1318 r/ts per 10k
DnD_DAC: DAC2016のPL募集結果を公開しました。 いくつかの卓では2次募集を実施しております。希望される方は要綱を確認の上ご応募ください。 #trpg #DND
Fri Aug 19 16:22:50 2016; 27 r/ts; 903 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: The time is overdue to develop a new alignment for the threats that we face today. I call it Extreme Alignment. #DnD
Fri Aug 19 23:02:18 2016; 26 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: D&D players are saying seriously that I call President Obama "the founder" of 4th Ed. & MVP. THEY DON'T GET SARCASM?
Fri Aug 12 16:28:29 2016; 25 r/ts; 6 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: Time for #DnD on!
Sat Aug 20 19:51:20 2016; 25 r/ts; 52 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: If she gets to DM ―nothing your character can do, folks. Although, with an actual sword. Maybe there is. I don’t know. #WorstPlayerEver #DnD
Tue Aug 09 23:44:50 2016; 20 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
SKelkar1950: And kids throwing stones on security forces in Kashmir? SC blind to these issues, minority human rights involved no?
Wed Aug 17 19:52:56 2016; 20 r/ts; 1063 r/ts per 10k
kennefriggles: ALL of my #TShirts are on sale @teepublic #DnD #CriticalRole #dungeonsanddragons #Owlbear
Wed Aug 17 14:24:10 2016; 20 r/ts; 147 r/ts per 10k
phaselocks: me after every game of #dnd
Sun Aug 21 01:33:29 2016; 16 r/ts; 89 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: We're LIVE playing #DnD Outlanders right now! Join the Walrus Warlords! #RPG #DnD5E
Thu Aug 18 17:01:25 2016; 15 r/ts; 24 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: It's my character. I don’t want to re-roll him. If you start re-rolling, you’re not being honest w/ players. #DnD
Wed Aug 17 22:31:08 2016; 13 r/ts; 3 r/ts per 10k
Red5Dan: This #DnD terrain setting is an RPGer's dream! Incredible detail and artistry!
Tue Aug 09 17:47:59 2016; 13 r/ts; 343 r/ts per 10k
ahappyhalfling: #GMgifs #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons
Sat Aug 13 22:55:09 2016; 13 r/ts; 64 r/ts per 10k
sankrant: In Barcelona I saw a folk human-pyramid competition. All of these have children. SC intends to kill Hindu tradition.
Wed Aug 17 20:27:21 2016; 13 r/ts; 12 r/ts per 10k
unMadeGaming: 30 minutes in and this is already madness! #dnd #numenera #rpgchat
Sat Aug 20 14:33:01 2016; 13 r/ts; 666 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Tonight. Our Anti Heroes arrive at the big city of Corthan. It may be time for them to begin plotting revenge! #DnD
Thu Aug 18 23:27:03 2016; 12 r/ts; 111 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: I will be gaming yet again tonight with @seanhannity! Sean is a great DM who truly loves D&D & my character! #DnD
Mon Aug 22 23:31:07 2016; 11 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: #DnD + #Diablo = Everdeep! Will guest stars @TheeBeardedNoob and @TehSoupa survive day 1?
Sun Aug 21 13:52:51 2016; 11 r/ts; 23 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Tonight our anti-heroes come to terms with the tragedy at the Garden of Eden & face a Demonic manifestation! #DnD
Thu Aug 11 23:42:29 2016; 11 r/ts; 104 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: The team just received their copies of Storm King's Thunder. They're kind of excited! #dnd
Tue Aug 16 22:37:53 2016; 11 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
DungeonsDonald: Some day, when this dungeon is cleared, I'll tell how the campaign was REALLY supposed to go for @JoeNBC and @morningmika. Two jesters! #DnD
Mon Aug 22 18:02:51 2016; 10 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: FFS, Who plays D&D at 10AM? @DistractedElf does! #DnD + #Diablo = Everdeep, live now on!
Wed Aug 10 13:50:11 2016; 10 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: This may be my favorite yet. Stranger Things poster by Laurie Greasley. #StrangerThings #dnd #upsidedown
Fri Aug 12 17:54:48 2016; 10 r/ts; 43 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Downloaded the Map of the Month from #dnd Dragon+? Check back often for more content!
Tue Aug 09 16:48:01 2016; 10 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
eadownes: Ok let's do this: New commission prices. Email or DM if interested. #Critters #DnD #Commissions
Tue Aug 09 06:21:12 2016; 10 r/ts; 318 r/ts per 10k
rayeliann: The Raven Queen with a Klimt-inspired twist. #criticalrole #CriticalRolefanart #ravenqueen #dnd
Wed Aug 17 04:58:45 2016; 10 r/ts; 763 r/ts per 10k
stv_armstrong: Joy-riding Gnomes #Pike #Scanlan #CriticalRole #Critters #DnD #Joyride #broom #drawing #doodle #sketch
Thu Aug 11 17:02:27 2016; 10 r/ts; 341 r/ts per 10k
stv_armstrong: Vax #CriticalRole #Critters #Vax #DnD #HalfElf #rogue #criticalrolefanart #Sketch #drawing #doodle
Thu Aug 18 16:30:13 2016; 10 r/ts; 338 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: Come and Learn How to Play #DnD! Beginners are welcome, come and ask a Question! #RPG
Sun Aug 21 22:10:42 2016; 9 r/ts; 14 r/ts per 10k
RaenofGod: TONIGHT! #DnD, The Second Time of Troubles, Campaign 8, Session 2! PRELUDE in TWO HOURS!
Sun Aug 14 00:08:38 2016; 9 r/ts; 275 r/ts per 10k
Simorene8: Discovering a trap after you barely survived a fight #dnd #rpg
Thu Aug 11 00:17:19 2016; 9 r/ts; 517 r/ts per 10k
mstephenjoy: 186 Small Tavern #DungeonWorld #dnd #RPG #DungeonsAndDragons #fantasy #cartography
Wed Aug 17 01:17:54 2016; 9 r/ts; 17 r/ts per 10k
tinkerbellsway: Gibt es ne coole #Rollenspiel #Gruppe in #Köln, bei der ich mich evtl mal anschließen kann? #DSA #DnD #Cthulhu ? 😊
Thu Aug 18 13:48:46 2016; 9 r/ts; 103 r/ts per 10k
Askren: In ONE HOUR, we return to Sandpoint to hunt the source of the Goblin attacks! #DnD #twitch
Sun Aug 21 23:19:28 2016; 8 r/ts; 81 r/ts per 10k
Baphometta_: Come watch us get into a bar fight #supportsmallstreams #SupportSmallStreamers #dnd #twitch
Sat Aug 20 01:08:26 2016; 8 r/ts; 44 r/ts per 10k
DMDicetress: Oh the good old days lol. #DnD #DeadDice #critters
Sun Aug 21 14:36:09 2016; 8 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: Today: #HowTo efficiently/effectively build great (not just good) campaigns for #DnD!
Tue Aug 09 13:54:00 2016; 8 r/ts; 16 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: Squeegee is still sick, but the Nerdherd put an awesome #dnd #oneshot together for you! Come hang out!
Sat Aug 13 20:07:30 2016; 8 r/ts; 16 r/ts per 10k
Goblins_Mordor: Today's last Daily Quest for 10 Days, Aaron the Conjuror @reapermini #Reaperbones #DnD
Fri Aug 19 13:02:13 2016; 8 r/ts; 286 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: TODAY 1pm CST, join us for the OFFICIAL Tortured Earth LIVE broadcast! #DnD #roll20 #torturedearth
Sun Aug 14 16:21:31 2016; 8 r/ts; 75 r/ts per 10k
JeremyECrawford: A book thundered onto our desks today! #WOTCstaff #StormKingsThunder #DnD
Tue Aug 16 22:43:47 2016; 8 r/ts; 9 r/ts per 10k
Malik_Fett: @CriticalRole can this be the next t-shirt ;) #CriticalRole #Critters #dnd
Fri Aug 19 14:33:31 2016; 8 r/ts; 318 r/ts per 10k
MusgraveArt: Today's starter sketch is brought to you by Binwin's Minions of @tabletitans fame.She cracks me up. #dnd
Fri Aug 12 17:44:33 2016; 8 r/ts; 268 r/ts per 10k
PaintingTusk: Fresh from the mail, the best shows for RPGs on the net: @SavingThrowShow & @The_Indoorsmen #rps #dnd #rolldice
Thu Aug 18 02:32:57 2016; 8 r/ts; 171 r/ts per 10k
RaenofGod: PRELUDE is LIVE! #DnD, The Second Time of Troubles, Campaign 8, Session 2! Twitch & Beam /raenofgod
Sun Aug 14 02:00:57 2016; 8 r/ts; 244 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: What D&D Looks Like #dnd
Mon Aug 15 12:52:26 2016; 8 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: #dnd tip: PCs having an easy time with zombies or scarecrows? Fill them with swarms of wasps that flood out on slashing or piercing attacks.
Wed Aug 17 16:40:35 2016; 8 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
adventureincpod: When you're DM and your players keep saying stupid shit and wont let you read your dope cave fungus description #Dnd
Fri Aug 12 00:34:58 2016; 8 r/ts; 672 r/ts per 10k
charm__person: About to go live playing some #DnD 5e on Twitch! Check us out and leave some feedback or hang out!
Mon Aug 15 00:47:15 2016; 8 r/ts; 45 r/ts per 10k
ethanfreak: Whoa. MT: This might be the most amazing #DnD landscape ever created. @Wizards_DnD #RPG
Mon Aug 15 17:14:04 2016; 8 r/ts; 31 r/ts per 10k