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Fiddleback: A perspective on #DnD Adventurers League from someone NOT The Angry GM. #RPG #Tabletop
Fri Oct 02 15:29:05 2015; 8 r/ts; 62 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: I always wondered what all that noise was the cat was making every night. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #rpg #tabletop
Sat Oct 03 18:07:19 2015; 8 r/ts; 59 r/ts per 10k
RPGadvocate: The media still owes #dnd an apology (interview with Michael Witwer, author of Empire of Imagination) #rpg
Sat Oct 03 11:56:52 2015; 7 r/ts; 27 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Binwin is branching out with a new group of adventurers in Binwin's Minions, the new #dnd comic by @TavisMaiden!
Fri Oct 02 17:27:17 2015; 7 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
dungeonbastard: GAMERS don't forget to watch Barky's Brigade play #DnD LIVE tonight at 8:30 PST at
Fri Oct 02 21:45:07 2015; 7 r/ts; 16 r/ts per 10k
EvilSqueegee: I have no idea how this is gonna work, but that's never stopped me! Interactive #DnD prep:
Fri Oct 02 12:56:43 2015; 5 r/ts; 31 r/ts per 10k
GurmeetSingh42: In theatre So much of excitement @akshaykumar #SIBinCinemas Let's Go for a ride #DND
Fri Oct 02 04:28:20 2015; 5 r/ts; 18 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Help the @ExtraLife4Kids #dnd team get to $60K and we'll unlock the preview for the Greenflame Blade cantrip!
Fri Oct 02 17:28:52 2015; 5 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
ethanfreak: Justice League (#Batman #Superman #TheFlash #GreenLantern #Wonder Woman) as #DnD characters
Fri Oct 02 17:27:43 2015; 5 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
GhullARTS: #dungeonext #fantasy #indiedev #tabletop #heroquest #dnd #dnd5e #roleplayng #screenshotsaturday #dungeoncrawl
Sat Oct 03 07:12:43 2015; 4 r/ts; 123 r/ts per 10k
GoingInBlindDnd: Going in Blind's a #DnD #Podcast with blind players. Ep10 exists & we've a panel at @PAXAus!
Sat Oct 03 13:15:48 2015; 4 r/ts; 77 r/ts per 10k
JadeGamingNews: And the character of the day is... Questioning their place in the order #dnd #RPG #dice #characteroftheday
Sat Oct 03 17:00:17 2015; 4 r/ts; 22 r/ts per 10k
Nerdarchy: The 5 Stories told in D&D. It's never good when the DM or the dice hate you. #dnd #rpg
Mon Aug 17 14:26:21 2015; 4 r/ts; 38 r/ts per 10k
RetroBlasting: Preparations have begun on our next feature video! #DND
Sat Oct 03 03:08:04 2015; 4 r/ts; 50 r/ts per 10k
BruceCordell: Trust me, seeing @susanjmorris dress up as Link as this #DnD game's Dungeon Master will be worth it!
Fri Oct 02 15:49:13 2015; 3 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
DMs_Block: #FF @DM_Mitch @DM_Chris1 @Joatmoniac @DM_Mainprize @JMPerkins @LouAnders @sellsworth @tribalityrpg #rpg #dnd #podcast
Fri Oct 02 17:44:00 2015; 3 r/ts; 3 r/ts per 10k
Graphoniac: Pls follow these #DnD #FF fantastic nerds! @BadDiceBad for dice shaming, @ChrisPerkinsDnD for DM mastery, @TheNerdCloset, my Ben[evil]ent DM
Fri Oct 02 19:19:04 2015; 3 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
JadeGamingNews: And the character of the day is... A good but slightly grumpy person #DnD #RPG #dice #characteroftheday
Fri Oct 02 15:38:52 2015; 3 r/ts; 17 r/ts per 10k
RPGadvocate: If it weren't for Vin Diesel's #dnd character, The Last Witch Hunter wouldn't exist. #rpg HT @ckozielec
Fri Oct 02 12:00:17 2015; 3 r/ts; 11 r/ts per 10k
TheAngryGM: The GM Word of the Week is Eldritch, by the way. #dnd #rpg
Fri Oct 02 15:27:21 2015; 3 r/ts; 4 r/ts per 10k
XPWebSeries: For flavor, we'll say he failed because he couldn't moonwalk. #DnD #DiceShaming
Sat Sep 05 23:01:49 2015; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
XPWebSeries: Are you watching? 'cause, I mean, you should be. #DnD #ExtraLife
Sun Oct 04 02:00:30 2015; 3 r/ts; 29 r/ts per 10k
robertodeluca82: @matthewmercer I imagined it with your voice :D #cats #dnd #CriticalRole #Critters @Critters_CC @CrittersRPG
Sat Oct 03 12:26:36 2015; 3 r/ts; 94 r/ts per 10k

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JeremyECrawford: What's the 1st rule of Sage Advice? The DM—not the rulebooks or the sage—is the game's adjudicator. The 2nd rule? Don't forget the 1st. #DnD
Fri Sep 25 18:02:34 2015; 14 r/ts; 41 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: We talk with Canadian rocker @MattGood about his life with #dnd & his album Chaotic Neutral in this week's podcast!
Fri Sep 18 18:34:40 2015; 12 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: #YouMayBeADM if while at the pet store you don't see aquarium decor. You see glorious miniature terrain! #dnd #rpg
Fri Sep 18 13:42:11 2015; 11 r/ts; 83 r/ts per 10k
arthurvonnagel: Props to you for being open-minded and inclusive, #dnd 5e Player's Handbook.
Mon Sep 28 03:48:17 2015; 11 r/ts; 147 r/ts per 10k
Scarletrogue12: I mostly drink in the tavern but there is always that one player. #RPG #DnD
Fri Sep 18 11:17:03 2015; 10 r/ts; 128 r/ts per 10k
mskimmyd85: Just #Critters things... #CriticalRole #DnD #Jenga 😂
Fri Sep 18 06:11:21 2015; 10 r/ts; 288 r/ts per 10k
DMs_Block: Listening 2 the Dungeon Masters Block #podcast? Leave us an iTunes review! Get a shout-out! #dungeonsanddragons #dnd
Sat Sep 19 17:08:21 2015; 9 r/ts; 11 r/ts per 10k
HowReroll: Tonight: it's our show anniversary! Thank you for all the support for us and St.Jude. #giveawaysgalor #content #DnD
Thu Sep 24 18:12:03 2015; 9 r/ts; 247 r/ts per 10k
TheAngryGM: Angry Rants: Give the Dice a F$&%ing Rest (via @MadAdventurers ) #dnd #rpg
Mon Sep 21 18:08:49 2015; 9 r/ts; 13 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: #Demonweek celebrates Juiblex! Slide over to the #DnD Tumblr & binge on info about this lord.
Mon Sep 21 18:09:56 2015; 9 r/ts; 1 r/ts per 10k
minmaxers: And we're live w/ #DnD on ! @Twitchstarter #Alldev #roleplay #dungeonsanddragons @roll20app
Wed Sep 30 23:54:59 2015; 9 r/ts; 170 r/ts per 10k
newbiedm: New Post: Is the #dnd module dead?
Tue Sep 22 14:31:23 2015; 9 r/ts; 15 r/ts per 10k
AllieBellwood: SOPHOMORES VOTE @BraedonM17 FOR HOCO COURT ‼️‼️‼️ #pinkisclink#dnd
Wed Sep 23 14:52:13 2015; 7 r/ts; 258 r/ts per 10k
DnDJester: #dnd Review: Out of the Abyss
Fri Sep 18 07:34:50 2015; 7 r/ts; 111 r/ts per 10k
DungeonFacts: #DnD faction idea: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, a consortium of powerful djinn and wizards who cast Wish for those they deem worthy.
Thu Oct 01 12:57:46 2015; 7 r/ts; 65 r/ts per 10k
GeekGirlCon: Born today in 1947, Dave Arneson was an American game designer best known for co-developing #DnD, with Gary Gygax, in the early 1970s.
Thu Oct 01 14:35:34 2015; 7 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
GeekandSundry: #Critical Role - Episode 24: The Feast #Critters #DnD
Mon Sep 21 19:01:13 2015; 7 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
ShanePlaysPR: Wizard says suck it up! #dnd #rpg
Tue Sep 29 16:15:45 2015; 7 r/ts; 11 r/ts per 10k
SlyFlourish: #dnd tip: Need some good random D&D 5e tables? Check out the Donjon!
Mon Sep 21 01:55:26 2015; 7 r/ts; 9 r/ts per 10k
minmaxers: Join the party as we they reach Waterdeep on ! | #dnd #roll20 #rpg @Twitchstarter #alldev
Wed Sep 23 23:52:25 2015; 7 r/ts; 144 r/ts per 10k
EncounterRP: Our 24 Hour D&D Stream kicks off with @Caeora's 'The Burning Goblins' this Saturday! #DnD
Sun Sep 20 23:12:25 2015; 6 r/ts; 206 r/ts per 10k
JamesIntrocaso: New #RoundTable #podcast Rage of Demons in @DnD_AdvLeague #dnd @Raddu76 @Skerrit7h3green @TravisWoodall @warfteiner
Mon Sep 21 10:52:17 2015; 6 r/ts; 100 r/ts per 10k
RebelsHeart: worked. "Dude, we win this one we get mammoths." #dnd
Tue Sep 22 00:33:42 2015; 6 r/ts; 72 r/ts per 10k
Seezyof300: Hey @Attack can you do me a favor and tweet out this link for all your #DnD fans?
Wed Sep 30 16:30:46 2015; 6 r/ts; 84 r/ts per 10k
Weebo_Smash: Time for DnD :) #DnD #brony #pegasister
Tue Sep 22 00:03:54 2015; 6 r/ts; 483 r/ts per 10k
XPWebSeries: Favorite if you've been swallowed by a purple worm. RT if your worm's swallowed a player. #DnD #MonsterMonday
Mon Sep 28 20:05:28 2015; 6 r/ts; 59 r/ts per 10k
newbiedm: You know you've been wanting a 5e land lamprey. Here it is, from the 1e MM2. #dnd
Sun Sep 27 20:32:03 2015; 6 r/ts; 10 r/ts per 10k
orionacaba: Hello my name is Tiberius Stormwind, I'm from Draconia! Moreover a member of #VoxMachina on that show #CriticalRole
Mon Sep 21 19:09:02 2015; 6 r/ts; 5 r/ts per 10k
Dungeonleft: A few ladders and a bell and this will be ready for @DnD_AdvLeague at @GameholeCon #dnd
Thu Sep 24 14:54:28 2015; 5 r/ts; 195 r/ts per 10k
Grand_DM: Cathulhu has awakened. #Lovecraft #Cthulhu #cat #dnd #rpg #horror
Fri Sep 18 15:49:45 2015; 5 r/ts; 38 r/ts per 10k
JeremyECrawford: Sage Advice for Sept. is here! The topics include elven trance and spell scrolls. #DnD
Mon Sep 21 18:30:13 2015; 5 r/ts; 14 r/ts per 10k
Mark_Meer: Hosting the costume contest at @EdmontonExpo this Sat as a familiar (and chaotic evil) face from the Forgotten Realms... @BeamdogInc #DnD
Thu Sep 24 16:50:42 2015; 5 r/ts; 2 r/ts per 10k
RPGRambler: I use the same method to roll NPCs that lots of players use. I roll 4d6, place as desired, then just give myself the stats I wanted. #DnD
Sat Sep 26 12:35:08 2015; 5 r/ts; 60 r/ts per 10k
RebelsHeart: "I attempt to use diplomacy to circumvent the DM trying to circumvent us from having any more pets." -@UrsulaV, who rolled a 36. #dnd
Tue Sep 22 00:33:08 2015; 5 r/ts; 60 r/ts per 10k
TheAngryGM: Angry Rants: What's Wrong with #DnD Encounters via (@MadAdventurers )
Mon Sep 28 18:59:38 2015; 5 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: It's #TBT with demon lord, Juiblex! #Demonweek #DnD
Thu Sep 24 16:07:42 2015; 5 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
Wizards_DnD: Still a few days until your next #dnd game? Then it's the perfect time to try Betrayal at House on the Hill!
Mon Sep 28 21:36:33 2015; 5 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
XPWebSeries: Racial bonus, my elven ass. #DiceShameSunday #DnD
Sun Sep 20 20:00:54 2015; 5 r/ts; 57 r/ts per 10k
ZhentarimPR: Having a great time at #savevshunger playing Sword of Selfaril @DnD_AdvLeague for #charity #dnd
Sat Sep 19 13:25:33 2015; 5 r/ts; 333 r/ts per 10k
criticalhits: "Nothing screws up a balanced economy like 20th level heroes." #dnd #dungeonomics
Mon Sep 28 19:08:19 2015; 5 r/ts; 7 r/ts per 10k
ethanfreak: Inside the Lost 1980s Dungeons & Dragons Movie Gary Gygax Loved: @docetist’s fab article @TheEscapistMag #DnD #RPG
Fri Sep 18 13:52:51 2015; 5 r/ts; 21 r/ts per 10k
hollowfornow: Live over at in an hour for our #Dragonspire #DnD campaign. It will be exciting as the group struggles in purgatory.
Sat Sep 26 00:00:24 2015; 5 r/ts; 204 r/ts per 10k
ksonney: "Oh Great Weasel, it's f-----g cold. Please make it stop. What? We're a straightforward religion." - Rooter the Paladin (aka @ursulav) #dnd
Tue Sep 22 00:11:34 2015; 5 r/ts; 33 r/ts per 10k
multiplexer: The #economics behind raising taxes to pay for Murder Hobos to kill the dragon plaguing the village! #dnd #gaming
Mon Sep 21 13:05:21 2015; 5 r/ts; 87 r/ts per 10k
newbiedm: Oh, hey, here's a sword I made for you to take into battle when you face the demons coming Out of the Abyss.... #dnd
Sun Sep 27 04:38:46 2015; 5 r/ts; 8 r/ts per 10k
nicolecowper_: DND Kickoff for civilian human reassures as @UWHalifax and #dnd work together on this yrs campaign #makeshfxgreater
Wed Sep 30 14:12:39 2015; 5 r/ts; 277 r/ts per 10k
tomlommel: BAD THINGS are happening on tonight's @SavingThrowShow! Join us NOW for live #DnD 5!
Sat Sep 19 03:40:37 2015; 5 r/ts; 40 r/ts per 10k
wngfoot: Time is running out.. Help support me and my @Wizards_DnD #DnD team for @ExtraLife4Kids . FOR THE KIDS! :)
Tue Sep 29 16:28:14 2015; 5 r/ts; 260 r/ts per 10k
AltCricket: Sometimes I wish Shakespeare were alive to capture moments like this.
Mon Sep 28 23:46:17 2015; 4 r/ts; 0 r/ts per 10k
BrainClouds: Fairly entertaining #DnD Powerpoint :
Wed Sep 30 16:32:47 2015; 4 r/ts; 16 r/ts per 10k