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JamesIntrocaso: Last night's #TarrasqueTakedown here for your eyes. @SlyFlourish @Topheratl @JoeLastowski @RuleZeroPodcast #rpg #dnd
Score: 111.11 r/ts: 3
BrentNewhall: Curious about the Numenara RPG? Catch this exhibition game this Saturday. Numenera Our exhibition game this month…
Score: 69.44 r/ts: 4
Sernett: Whoa. It's like in Labyrinth. "19th-Century Iron Balls Still Cleaning the Paris Sewers"
Score: 66.57 r/ts: 9
KevinKulp: This treatise on #DnD/RPG economics & campaign-building is *amazing.*
Score: 53.99 r/ts: 9
TheOtherTracy: Karthun GM's Guide: 13th Age: @qh_murphy Savage Worlds: @ShoshanaKessock Pathfinder: @SarahDarkmagic DW: @rdonoghue
Score: 43.25 r/ts: 9
erinmevans: New EXTRA LIFE bonus added: If I can raise $1200, @gregbilsland will unleash Sairché on the players!...
Score: 24.49 r/ts: 3
TheAngryDM: Curious about the new #dnd Monster Manual? Confused about the encounter building math? I made a video!
Score: 14.04 r/ts: 7
fredhicks: Less than $750 until Karthun gets its (Fate-including) GM’s guide. You can do this, internet!
Score: 13.53 r/ts: 8
TheAngryDM: Curious about the new #dnd Monster Manual? Confused about the encounter building math? I can help! In video form!
Score: 12.03 r/ts: 6
TheAngryDM: I wrote a rant about #dnd character backgrounds! You should read it so your backgrounds suck less.
Score: 12.02 r/ts: 6
rpggeek: For those of you wanting a PDF (color coded!) schedule of RPG events for Virtuacon
Score: 11.5 r/ts: 4
mikemearls: It's The Perfect Time To Play Dungeons & Dragons
Score: 8.6 r/ts: 9
tabletitans: Books are mightier than swords in today's fan-submitted Tales from the Table!
Score: 8.55 r/ts: 3
fredhicks: Here’s your irregular reminder that Fate Accelerated is a Fate Core product.
Score: 8.46 r/ts: 5
RobinDLaws: Isn’t it just like the Dragons to blitz attack a stretch goal just as I’m leaving the house for groceries? #fengshui2
Score: 8.1 r/ts: 5
TheMikeRobles: Let’s all watch @MrGrimmmmz & company play some #KillerInstinctSeason2 changes RIGHT NOW.
Score: 7.18 r/ts: 3
SlyFlourish: Put PCs First. #dnd
Score: 6.6 r/ts: 4
BruceCordell: Into the Violet Vale, our weird Numenera Gen Con adventure, went on sale last week. Check it
Score: 6.44 r/ts: 3
TheAngryDM: You know what I hate? Orphans. F$&%ing orphans.
Score: 6.02 r/ts: 3
RobinDLaws: Barbarian Borderlands unlocked! Now up for grabs: Classic Era Conversion Codex. #fengshui2
Score: 4.86 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: Hey look at that - @Kotaku has a nice article up on the new edition of #dnd!
Score: 2.31 r/ts: 9
Wizards_DnD: A litlte love for Minsc, Boo and the new #dnd comic by @IDWPublishing @JimZub and @Max_Dunbar over on @aintitcool!
Score: 1.29 r/ts: 5

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