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DCGameday: Gamers, we can't stress enough: if driving to DCGD, check road closures in DC this weekend!
Score: 197.63 r/ts: 5
rjschwalb: Boom!
Score: 84.71 r/ts: 18
gregbilsland: D&D Preparation and Q&A - Extra Life
Score: 19.82 r/ts: 9
Pramas: School shooting in Seattle today and it seems barely a news blip. Just bloody business as usual in America.
Score: 17.38 r/ts: 8
gregbilsland: Thanks to the #dnd community's amazing generosity and the awesome support of @RealRollPlay, we have new DMG previews
Score: 15.39 r/ts: 7
dungeonbastard: Gamers, do you miss the laser-wielding, clone-decanting ways of Paranoia? Well, THE KICKSTARTER IS YOUR FRIEND
Score: 14.61 r/ts: 5
DreadGazeebo: Want to check out the new @playgauntlet game? Donate $5 to help kids for a chance to win a copy for PC! #ExtraLife
Score: 13.18 r/ts: 4
HellcowKeith: One hour left in @JennnBaker's matching challenge for #ExtraLife2014 - we're looking for six more people! #fb
Score: 10.05 r/ts: 4
dungeonbastard: If you back @wotc_rodney at the $20 level he'll make @gregbilsland repeat himself after some really long box text
Score: 8.76 r/ts: 3
BruceCordell: 2 scary RPG adventures 33% off for Halloween by MCG: The Devil's Spine and The Dark Spiral #Numenera #TheStrangeRPG
Score: 8.37 r/ts: 4
skinnyghost: So much fun streaming Part One of EXTRA LIFE @RealRollPlay Charity D&D - check out more @
Score: 7.74 r/ts: 3
newbiedm: Kickstarter for Erasable Gaming Paper. #dnd
Score: 6.07 r/ts: 3
MonteJCook: Hey, @DriveThruRPG's Halloween Sale includes an adventure for #Numenera and one for #TheStrange.
Score: 5.64 r/ts: 8
mikemearls: Immensely proud of the D&D Extra Life team - $50,000 raised and still rising!
Score: 3.72 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: You obliterated our previous Extra Life Goals so here are the tech/firearms pages and the DMG Table of Contents! #dnd
Score: 2.74 r/ts: 11
Wizards_DnD: We're streaming live #dnd with the @RealRollPlay crew to kick off our @ExtraLife4Kids weekend. Come watch and chat!
Score: 2.49 r/ts: 10
MonteJCook: Game designer @seankreynolds has a brand new fantasy rpg!
Score: 2.12 r/ts: 3
Score: 2.06 r/ts: 6
Wizards_DnD: The @RealRollPlay crew is going strong with their #dnd Extra Life game. Swing by, watch with us and hang out!
Score: 1.99 r/ts: 8
Wizards_DnD: "Stop trying to kill the dragon! I want him to be our friend" ""....I do 12 points to the dragon." @RealRollPlay
Score: 1.49 r/ts: 6
Morrus: It's the DMG TABLE OF CONTENTS GUYS! Seriously!
Score: 1.37 r/ts: 4
Morrus: It's the DMG TABLE OF CONTENTS GUYS! Seriously!
Score: 1.03 r/ts: 3
Wizards_DnD: And a special thanks to the @RealRollPlay crew for kicking off the #dnd streaming today. Come check them out now!
Score: 1.0 r/ts: 4
Wizards_DnD: We've set our new @ExtraLife4Kids goal at $75K! Check out the stream, donate, and look out for more rewards! #dnd
Score: 0.75 r/ts: 3

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